27 August 2015

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9:00 PMThe Birdcage: Gay men pose as man and wife for son's future in-laws.
12:00 AMThe Queens of Comedy: Black female comedians perform at Memphis' Orpheum Theatre in the fall of 2000.
2:00 AMThe Queens of Comedy: Black female comedians perform at Memphis' Orpheum Theatre in the fall of 2000.
4:00 AMThe Comedians of Comedy Live at The Troubadour: It's raw. It's dirty. It's inappropriate.
6:00 AMSabrina, the Teenage Witch - Double-Time: In order to keep up at college, Sabrina casts a spell to make her move at lightning speed.
6:30 AMSabrina, the Teenage Witch - Heart of the Matter: Hilda's social skills send coffeehouse customers to the competition.
7:00 AMSabrina, the Teenage Witch - You Can't Twin: Sabrina's evil twin from another realm steals her passport and takes over her life.
7:30 AMSabrina, the Teenage Witch - House of PI's: Sabrina and Roxie team to write a story for the school newspaper.
8:00 AMWill & Grace - Secrets & Lays: Grace reunites with an old flame in Vermont on a getaway with the gang; guest Tom Bosley.
8:30 AMWill & Grace - Will Works Out: Will learns a lesson about prejudice from Jack; Karen tells Grace about her rocky marriage.
9:00 AMWill & Grace - Saving Grace: A PR agent (Miguel Ferrer) will hire Grace if she fixes him up with Will.
9:30 AMWill & Grace - Alley Cats: The roommates' pals don't care for competitive games; Karen saves a man using CPR.
10:00 AMFood to Get You Laid - Ayanna and David  : Ayanna and David need help reminding them how to slow down and make quality time for each other.
10:30 AMFood to Get You Laid - Drake and Dov  : Drake wants Chef Ronnie's help moving this date night in the right direction.
11:00 AMThe Facts of Life - Out of the Fire ...: The girls return to find the shop burned.
11:30 AMThe Facts of Life - Into the Frying Pan: A young contractor agrees to rebuild the shop.
12:00 PMThe Facts of Life - Grand Opening: The girls and Mrs. Garrett prepare for opening day.
12:32 PMThe Facts of Life - Teacher, Teacher: Jo is torn between teaching and a business career.
1:04 PMThe Facts of Life - Men for All Seasons: The college objects to Natalie's swim-team calendar.
1:37 PMThe Facts of Life - A New Life: Blair's mother announces she is pregnant.
2:09 PMThe Facts of Life - Doo Wah: The girls try to win a singing spot with El DeBarge.
2:42 PMThe Facts of Life - Come Back to the Truck Stop, Natalie Green, Natalie Green: Natalie imagines a wild story while at a truck stop.
3:14 PMThe Facts of Life - Born Too Late: Tootie becomes the object of Andy's affections.
3:46 PMWill & Grace - Object of My Rejection: Roommates rethink their living arrangement; Jack weds Karen's maid.
4:17 PMWill & Grace - Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner: Grace moves and gives a dinner party without Will's help.
4:49 PMWill & Grace - Election: Grace decides to run against Will in an upcoming election for president of the board of tenants.
5:20 PMWill & Grace - Das Boob: Grace gets attention after a newspaper publishes a photo in which she appears buxom.
5:52 PMRuPaul's Drag Race - Snatch Game: The queens impersonate celebrities in a TV game show.
6:56 PMRuPaul's Drag Race - Snatch Game: The queens impersonate celebrities in a TV game show.
8:00 PMRuPaul's Drag Race - RuVealed: Snatch Game: The queens compete in a TV game showing off their funny celebrity impersonations.
9:00 PMSecret Guide to Fabulous - Baby Shower Twist  : Experts John, Rob and Theodore help Aisha put a twist on a baby shower for her best friend.
9:30 PMFood to Get You Laid - Jason and Jason  : Jason intends to show his boyfriend that he appreciates him by cooking a romantic meal.
10:00 PMThe Golden Girls - Yokel Hero: Rose competes for St. Olaf's Woman of the Year honors. Richard Mulligan guest stars.
10:32 PMThe Golden Girls - Bang the Drum, Stanley: Sophia cries foul after being hit with a fly ball at the stadium. Herb Edelman guest stars.
11:04 PMThe Golden Girls - Sophia's Wedding: Sophia decides to marry her late husband's business partner (Jack Gilford).
11:36 PMThe Golden Girls - Sophia's Wedding: Sophia and Max (Jack Gilford) return from their honeymoon and open a food stand on the boardwalk.
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