6 May 2015

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9:45 PMBlack Swan: A ballerina's grip on reality begins to slip as her drive to succeed threatens to consume her.
12:25 AMBanana: Helen has to get tough with her ex Eddie, but Eddie's revenge ruins her birthday party.
12:57 AMBanana: Wild-at-heart Violet and uptight Sian prove that opposites attract, causing a chaotic collision.
1:29 AMBanana: A series of eight witty, heartfelt and unique stand-alone stories.
2:00 AMSwimfan: A new student at a high school obsesses over a swimming champion who does not return her advances.
4:00 AMJust Shoot Me - The Odd Couple: Finch becomes engaged to a supermodel, but the wedding is threatened when her ex returns.
4:30 AMJust Shoot Me - The Odd Couple: Finch becomes engaged to a supermodel, but the wedding is threatened when her ex returns.
5:00 AMJust Shoot Me - A Divorce to Remember: Finch's facade begins to crumble when he and Adrienne return from their honeymoon.
5:30 AMJust Shoot Me - When Nina Met Elliott: Elliott shares a story of lost love, unaware that Nina is part of it.
6:00 AMWho's the Boss? - Wedding Bells?: Wedding-party members Tony and Angela daydream.
6:30 AMWho's the Boss? - Jonathan the Gymnast: Fearing that Jonathan is becoming too intellectual, Tony enrolls him in a gymnastics competition.
7:00 AMWho's the Boss? - Semi-Private Lives: Tony, Angela and their dates wind up together.
7:30 AMWho's the Boss? - Forgive Me, Tony: Tony is stunned when reunited with a classmate he has held a grudge against for years.
8:00 AMWho's the Boss? - Spud Micelli: Samantha (Alyssa Milano) tries out for the girls basketball team.
8:30 AMWho's the Boss? - The Way We Was: During a bad snowstorm, Tony tells the gang how he became Angela's housekeeper.
9:00 AMBewitched - Just a Kid Again: Sam and her daughter Tabitha go shopping; Tabitha grants a man's wish to be 9 years old again.
9:30 AMBewitched - The Generation Zap: Serena turns a coed into a siren, Darrin is almost forced to change his job.
10:00 AMBewitched - Okay, Who's the Wise Witch?: Darrin and Samantha are trapped in their home because she has not been using witchcraft.
10:30 AMBewitched - A Chance on Love: A case of mistaken identity results in a wolf being changed into a bird.
11:00 AMBewitched - If the Shoe Pinches: The shoes fit, so Darrin wears them -- and needs Samantha's help to get them off.
11:30 AMBewitched - Mona Sammy: Darrin becomes a da Vinci painting after a kiss and a twitch from Samantha.
12:00 PMRoseanne - Radio Days: Dan enters a songwriting contest with Roseanne's encouragement.
12:32 PMRoseanne - Lovers' Lane: Roseanne meets Becky's beau at the bowling alley; Booker makes a bet with Jackie.
1:04 PMRoseanne - The Memory Game: Dan's 15-year-old secret is exposed during preparations for the high-school reunion.
1:36 PMRoseanne - Here's to Good Friends: Roseanne and Jackie take a heartbroken Crystal out; Jackie sees Booker with another woman.
2:09 PMRoseanne - Canoga Time: Dan and Roseanne argue over what will go to the PTA rummage sale.
2:42 PMRoseanne - Workin' Overtime: The kids take advantage when Roseanne and Dan must work overtime.
3:15 PMRoseanne - Let's Call It Quits: Roseanne tries to arrange a compromise with a nasty new boss (Fred Dalton Thompson) at the factory.
3:48 PMThe Facts of Life - Into the Frying Pan: A young contractor agrees to rebuild the shop.
4:21 PMThe Facts of Life - Grand Opening: The girls and Mrs. Garrett prepare for opening day.
4:54 PMThe Facts of Life - Men for All Seasons: The college objects to Natalie's swim-team calendar.
5:27 PMThe Facts of Life - A New Life: Blair's mother announces she is pregnant.
6:00 PMThe Facts of Life - Doo Wah: The girls try to win a singing spot with El DeBarge.
6:32 PMThe Facts of Life - Come Back to the Truck Stop, Natalie Green, Natalie Green: Natalie imagines a wild story while at a truck stop.
7:04 PMThe Facts of Life - 3, 2, 1: Jo and Blair fight over a college-TV editorial.
7:36 PMThe Facts of Life - We Get Letters: Mrs. Garrett is accused of dating a married man.
8:08 PMThe Facts of Life - Ballroom Dance: Jo tries to keep her ballroom-dance lessons secret.
8:40 PMThe Facts of Life - Christmas Baby: Blair's new sibling arrives on Christmas Day.
9:12 PMThe Facts of Life - The Reunion: George needs a royal date for a high-school reunion.
9:44 PMThe Facts of Life - The Lady Who Came to Dinner: Blair's birthday entertainment refuses to leave.
10:16 PMThe Facts of Life - A Star Is Torn: Tootie has little sympathy for a musical rival.
10:48 PMThe Facts of Life - The Graduate: Tootie faces a difficult choice at graduation.
11:20 PMThe Facts of Life - The Apartment: Tootie and Natalie get their own apartment.
11:52 PMThe Facts of Life - Off Broadway Baby: Tootie has competition for a Broadway audition.
12:24 AMLocal Programming