30 November 2015

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11:30 PMSome Like It Hot: To evade gangsters, two men don skirts and makeup and join an all-girl band with a sizzling singer.
3:00 AMRuPaul's Drag Race - RuVealed: Black Swan: Why It Gotta Be Black?: The queens enter the world of classical ballet where they are coached by choreographer Travis Wall.
4:00 AMWhat?! Food Inc.: Exposing the hidden world of what really goes on our dinner plates.
6:00 AMRyan White Story: A 13-year-old with AIDS goes to court with his mother to fight for his right to go to school.
8:30 AMNewNowNext Music: Music videos geared toward the gay community.
9:00 AMBewitched - Nobody's Perfect: Samantha learns that Tabitha has inherited her powers of witchcraft.
9:30 AMBewitched - The Moment of Truth: Aunt Clara visits and believes her powers have finally blown a fuse.
10:00 AMBewitched - Witches and Warlocks Are My Favorite Things: Tabitha is tested for her powers; The Aunt insist Tabitha be enrolled in magic school.
10:30 AMBewitched - Accidental Twins: Aunt Clara botches a spell and Darrin's boss's child becomes twins.
11:00 AMBewitched - A Most Unusual Wood Nymph: A wood nymph, mortal enemy of witches, comes to visit the Stephenses.
11:30 AMBewitched - Endora Moves in for a Spell: A fight erupts between Endora and Uncle Arthur; a disappearing house.
12:00 PMBewitched - Dangerous Diaper Dan: Darrin's competitor plants a bug in Tabitha's rattle.
12:30 PMBewitched - The Short Happy Circuit of Aunt Clara: Aunt Clara botches a spell and all the lights on the East Coast go out.
1:00 PMRoseanne - Chicken Hearts: Roseanne tries to improve her relationship with her teenage boss by inviting him home for dinner.
1:30 PMRoseanne - One for the Road: Becky and her friend (Lindsay Fisher) suffer the consequences when they get drunk.
2:00 PMRoseanne - An Officer and a Gentleman: Jackie plays mom while Roseanne is called away for a family emergency.
2:30 PMRoseanne - Born to Be Wild: Dan and Roseanne realize their attitudes have changed during a visit from an old friend.
3:00 PMRoseanne - Hair: Roseanne keeps her new job sweeping floors in a beauty parlor despite her humiliation.
3:30 PMRoseanne - I'm Hungry: Roseanne and Dan sneak snacks while exercising to lose weight.
4:00 PMWill & Grace - East Side Story: Lesbian couple foils Will and Grace's latest real-estate venture.
4:30 PMWill & Grace - Courting Disaster: Jack spots Stuart taking in a movie matinee with another man.
5:00 PMWill & Grace - No Sex 'n' the City: Grace advises Will to play hard to get with his new beau.
5:30 PMWill & Grace - Fred Astaire and Ginger Chicken: Will introduces his new boyfriend to overly critical Grace.
6:00 PMTroop Beverly Hills: An idle rich woman's husband challenges her to lead their daughter's troop of campers.
8:30 PMTroop Beverly Hills: An idle rich woman's husband challenges her to lead their daughter's troop of campers.
11:00 PMBridget Jones: The Edge of Reason: An attractive lawyer and Bridget's former boss threaten her newfound happiness with Mark Darcy.