17 January 2017

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11:00 PMMoonshiners - Green Dragon  : Josh and Chuck aim to get back on top; a threatened age-old partnership for Jeff, Mark and Lance.
12:00 AMKilling Fields - Smoking Gun  : Detectives continue searching for physical evidence related to the John Doe in the barrel.
1:00 AMMoonshiners - Bootleg or Bust  : Josh and Bill secretly sell their shine; Tim returns to Virginia to fill an order.
2:00 AMMoonshiners - Bros Before Hooch  : Tickle takes risks to stay true to his old partner; Josh and Bill make a last run in the woods.
3:00 AMDual Survival - Forest From Hell: EJ Snyder and Jeff Zausch must brave a mile-high Araucaria forest of South America.
4:00 AMDual Survival - Battle of Brazil: Fan favorites EJ Snyder and Jeff Zausch find a way to survive the bone-dry environment.
5:00 AMDual Survival - Downed and Out Part One: Matt and Joe start at the site of a plane crash on an uninhabited tropical island.
6:00 AMDual Survival - Downed and Out Part Two: Matt and Joe risk a swim in shark-infested waters and fight for life-sustaining basics.
7:00 AMDual Survival - Out of the Ashes Part One: While on a tropical volcano, Matt and Joe must navigate toward the coast through rainforest.
8:00 AMDual Survival - Out of the Ashes Part Two: Joe and Matt cross a volcanic island covered with jungle and water-filled canyons.
9:00 AMThe Wheel - Abandoned  : A wrestler, a plumber, a fitness model, a former Marine, a nurse and an ultra-marathoner compete.
10:00 AMMoonshiners - Whiskey Time Machine  : Tim needs to rescue his operation, challenging the laws of nature and time.
11:00 AMMoonshiners - Dog Days of Shining  : Josh and Big Chuck attempt to revive their season with a new still site.
12:00 PMMoonshiners - Smokey Mountain Gin  : Tim Smith aims to put a whiskey time machine to the test; Chico and Sandra embrace a new recipe.
1:00 PMMoonshiners - Green Dragon  : Josh and Chuck aim to get back on top; a threatened age-old partnership for Jeff, Mark and Lance.
2:00 PMGold Rush - Game Over  : With no paycheck for five weeks, Todd Hoffman's close-knit team members turn on each other.
3:00 PMGold Rush - Abandonment  : Todd Hoffman's crew quits, and he desperately tries to keep mining with a skeleton team.
4:00 PMGold Rush - Lifeline  : The remnants of the Hoffman crew reach their lowest point; Tony Beets fires his barge captain.
5:00 PMAlaskan Bush People - Released to the Wild  : The Brown family reunites and plans a trip after thirty long days in Juneau.
6:00 PMAlaskan Bush People - Back in Browntown  : Struggling with principals, the family finally returns to Browntown to reclaim the bush.
7:00 PMAlaskan Bush People - All That Matters  : A storm overtakes Chichagof island and threatens the safety of the Brown Family.
8:00 PMAlaskan Bush People: Off the Grid - Bear With Us  : The Browns protect the newest member of the family; Matt races for his life.
9:00 PMAlaskan Bush People - Browntown Boom 
10:00 PMAlaskan Bush People: Bushcraft Chronicles - Safe Haven  : Innovative bushcraft shelters; Matt races to build a lean-to house to keep himself safe.
11:00 PMAlaskan Bush People - Browntown Boom