6 February 2016

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11:00 PMCharlie Rose
12:00 AMTavis Smiley: Director Roger Guenveur Smith; director Lenny Abrahamson.
12:30 AMLocal Programming
1:00 AMOne on One With Steve Adubato: Professionals and innovators share their experiences.
1:30 AMTheater Talk: New York theater.
2:00 AMMercy Street - The Uniform  : Dr. Foster operates on his brother -- a Confederate soldier; Tom is traumatized by the war.
3:00 AMThe Great Fire: Thomas returns to rescue Sarah and David; the king learns about a Catholic plot to unseat him.
4:00 AMThe Great Fire: King Charles takes action as the fire creeps closer to the Tower of London; Sarah is recaptured.
5:00 AMDiana vs. The Queen: The troubled relationship between Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana.
6:00 AMJoseph Rosendo's Travelscope - San Francisco's Changing Neighborhoods  : Six neighborhoods in San Francisco feature unique history and iconic attractions.
6:30 AMTravels With Darley - Guadeloupe Islands Caribbean Adventures  : Hiking a volcano; snorkeling the Jacques Cousteau Reserve; shopping; UNESCO dance; art.
7:00 AMLocal Programming
7:30 AMOne on One With Steve Adubato: Professionals and innovators share their experiences.
8:00 AMConsuelo Mack WealthTrack - Exclusive Strategy  : Robert Kleinschmidt, Tocqueville Fund.
8:30 AMLocal Programming
9:00 AMWashington Week With Gwen Ifill: Analysis of the 2016 presidential race with Robert Costa, Lisa Lerer, Doyle McManus and Reid Wilson.
9:30 AMLocal Programming
10:00 AMSciTech Now: Desalination plant; space architecture Madhu Thengavelu; brain surgery.
10:30 AMReligion & Ethics Newsweekly - Hamtramck, Michigan Muslims; Wendell Berry Farming Center: Hamtramck, Mich., the only American city with a Muslim majority city council; writer Wendell Berry.
11:00 AMNew York Now
11:30 AMTo the Contrary With Bonnie Erb: Football and feminism.
12:00 PMThe Open Mind - Democracy in Black  : Historian Eddie Glaude, Princeton University.
12:30 PMCaucus New Jersey: Major political issues are discussed.
1:00 PMLocal Programming
2:00 PMAmerican Experience - Murder of a President: The life of President James Garfield, including his rise to power and his assassination.
4:00 PMGlobe Trekker - Switzerland: Charlie Chaplin's house in Vevey, Switzerland; golfing in Riederalp; hiking the Gemmi Pass.
5:00 PMNature - Mystery Monkeys of Shangri-La: Family of Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys living in the Himalayas depends on strong defensive strategies.
6:00 PMPBS NewsHour Weekend
6:30 PMSciTech Now: Desalination plant; space architecture Madhu Thengavelu; brain surgery.
7:00 PMThe This Old House Hour - This Old House: Plant Revival; Treehouse Reveal; Ask This Old House: Kevin Replaces a Door Lock  : Plant revival; the treehouse is revealed; replacing a front door deadbolt.
8:00 PMKeeping Up Appearances - A Picnic for Daddy: Hyacinth's plans to take her father on a picnic go awry when he takes the car.
8:30 PMAs Time Goes By - Getting to Know You -- Again: Lionel and Jean make vague promises to stay in touch after their accidental meeting.
9:00 PMThe Postman Always Rings Twice: A drifter stops at a Greek diner and helps the owner's lusty wife become a widow.
11:00 PMRoadie: A newly unemployed stagehand returns to his childhood home in Queens, N.Y.