20 July 2017

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11:30 PMFamily Guy - The Kiss Seen 'Round the World: Meg lands an intership working with the school nerd at a television station.
12:00 AMRick and Morty - Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate  : Things start to go crazy, Jerry gets sick; Rick sparks up the TV.
12:30 AMMike Tyson Mysteries - A River Runs Through It Into a Heart of Darkness  : A businessman wants Mike's help in winning over jungle-dwellers.
12:45 AMRobot Chicken - Monstourage: Vic Mackey replaces Thing from Fantastic Four; Ludacris stars in an off-broadway production.
1:00 AMSquidbillies - Earth Worst: The squids are given a lesson about conservation.
1:15 AMMr. Pickles - Vegans  : Mrs. Goodman goes to a vegan workshop for the day, but she doesn't understand what that means.
1:30 AMBob's Burgers - Wag the Hog: The Belchers try to help Bob's friend, Critter, after he lands in jail; Linda gets a new job.
2:00 AMBob's Burgers - The Hormone-iums: Tina gets a chance to be a soloist in a play; Linda comes up with a promising new business plan.
2:30 AMFamily Guy - Lethal Weapons: New Yorkers invade the town in the fall; Lois hones her martial-arts skills.
3:00 AMFamily Guy - The Kiss Seen 'Round the World: Meg lands an intership working with the school nerd at a television station.
3:30 AMAmerican Dad - Joint Custody: Roger and Stan race cross-country to turn in Jeff, who is wanted for smuggling marijuana.
4:00 AMNeon Joe, Werewolf Hunter - Parenthetical Head Nod  : Neon Joe must fight off a skinhead gang to escape jail, and prove his innocence.
4:30 AMMike Tyson Mysteries - A River Runs Through It Into a Heart of Darkness  : A businessman wants Mike's help in winning over jungle-dwellers.
4:45 AMRobot Chicken - Monstourage: Vic Mackey replaces Thing from Fantastic Four; Ludacris stars in an off-broadway production.
5:00 AMThe Cleveland Show - Wheel! Of! Family!: Junior discovers he is good at pole-dancing.
5:30 AMKing of the Hill - Pregnant Paws: Hank and Peggy debate having a child after trying to help their dog.
6:00 AMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Promise; The Voice  : Darwin promises to play video games with Gumball; Gumball and Darwin receive a scary email.
6:30 AMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Limit; The Game  : Nicole gets upset with the family at the supermarket; the Wattersons are carried away by a game.
7:00 AMTeen Titans Go! - Parasite; Starliar  : Starfire's new pet is a dangerous parasite; Beast Boy teaches Starfire how to tell lies.
7:30 AMTeen Titans Go! - Super Robin; Tower Power  : Robin finally gets superpowers; Cyborg plugs into the control panel of the tower.
8:00 AMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Phone; The Job  : Gumball and Darwin get their first cell phone; Dad gets a job as a pizza delivery guy.
8:30 AMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Flower; The Banana  : Gumball is jealous when he sees Leslie with Penny; Gumball wants revenge.
9:00 AMTeen Titans Go! - Accept the Next Proposition You Hear  : Hoping to encourage the others to think for themselves, Robin stops giving orders.
9:15 AMTeen Titans Go! - I'm the Sauce  : Stuck inside, the Titans play rainy day games in order to cheer up the clouds.
9:30 AMTeen Titans Go! - Oregon Trail  : The group gets into the pioneer spirit on their journey west.
9:45 AMTeen Titans Go! - Riding the Dragon  : The Titans are transported inside a fantasy adventure game and must find the key to return home.
10:00 AMTeen Titans Go! - Books; Lazy Sunday  : Raven shows the team how fun books can be; Cyborg and Beast boy seek guidance from the couch spirit.
10:30 AMTeen Titans Go! - Colors of Raven; The Left Leg  : Raven is fragmented into five distinct personalities; the gang forms a giant robot.
11:00 AMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Menu  : When Richard hears the urban legend of a secret Joyful Burger, he will stop at nothing to devour it.
11:15 AMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Uncle  : Gumball and Darwin are desperate to meet Ocho's famous uncle.
11:30 AMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Heist  : Richard wears a motorcycle helmet into a bank, with poor results.
11:45 AMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Guy  : Gumball and Darwin are suspicious of Anai's new friend.
12:00 PMWe Bare Bears - Ralph  : Charlie meets a creature just like him named Ralph, but the Bears think Ralph is bad news.
12:15 PMWe Bare Bears - Planet Bears  : A nature documentary follows the bears through their normal routine.
12:30 PMWe Bare Bears - Coffee Cave  : When they learn that Ice Bear is a talented barista, the bears turn the cave into a coffee shop.
12:45 PMWe Bare Bears - Charlie's Big Foot  : When Charlie suffers an injury to his foot, the bears must sneak him into a hospital for treatment.
1:00 PMTeen Titans Go! - Master Detective  : Robin uses his master detective skills to find out what happened to the animals.
1:15 PMTeen Titans Go! - Titan Saving Time  : The Titans want to learn what happened to the two o'clock hour during Daylight Savings Time.
1:30 PMTeen Titans Go! - Permanent Record  : The Titans teach each other about science and grammar.
1:45 PMTeen Titans Go! - Movie Night  : The Titans have a hard time deciding who gets to choose which movie they watch on movie night.
2:00 PMClarence - Game Show  : While out shopping with his mother, Clarence finds Breehn hiding in a clothes rack.
2:15 PMClarence - The Tails of Mardrynia  : Clarence rounds up local animals to make an animal world to cheer up Percy.
2:30 PMClarence - Valentimes  : Clarence and Sumo try to set up Ms. Baker with Mr. Mozer for Valentine's Day.
2:45 PMClarence - Rock Show  : Chad's band plays a show for the first time in years, and Clarence and Mary attend.
3:00 PMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Nest  : The Wattersons' search for clues leads them to a strange egg.
3:15 PMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Bus  : Parents try to teach the students of Elmore High a lesson about skipping school.
3:30 PMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Night  : The Moon looks at dreams of Elmore residents.
3:45 PMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Roots  : Thinking that he is homesick for the sea, the family try to make Darwin connect with his roots.
4:00 PMMighty Magiswords - Get That BORFL!  : A cute little Borfl runs amok throughout Castle Rhyboflaven, upending the Warriors' restful spa day.
4:15 PMTeen Titans Go! - The Spice Game  : Having grown sick of Robin's bland cooking, the other Titans make attempts to spice things up.
4:30 PMTeen Titans Go! - Booty Scooty  : The Titans search for pirate treasure to save the tower from wealthy land developers.
4:45 PMBen 10 - Ben 24hrs  : Ben and Gwen try to stay awake all night in a theme park that is open 24 hours a day.
5:00 PMBen 10 - Freaky Gwen Ben  : When Ben interferes with magician Hex's quest to switch bodies with Gwen.
5:15 PMBen 10 - Recipe For Disaster  : Three famous chefs set their sights on using Wildvine in an exotic dish.
5:30 PMTeen Titans Go! - How Bout Some Effort  : Cyborg makes preparations for Jinx on Valentine's Day.
5:45 PMTeen Titans Go! - Garage Sale  : Robin makes the other Titans sell their treasured mementos from past adventures.
6:00 PMTeen Titans Go! - Secret Garden  : When Cyborg starts to rage out, Starfire takes him to her secret garden in the backyard to relax.
6:15 PMTeen Titans Go! - The Cruel Giggling Ghoul  : The Titans go to the amusement park to watch Lebron James; however, they stumble upon a mystery.
6:30 PMBen 10 - Rustbucket RIP  : Ben gets a rare Sumo Slammers card during a tour of historic Oldeville.
6:45 PMBen 10 - Hole In 10  : Ben is attacked by a gang of biker mutants while playing mini golf.
7:00 PMBen 10 - Clown College  : Ben teams up with Grandpa Max's college buddies to keep the clown Zombozo from robbing a stadium.
7:15 PMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Vase  : Nicole encourages the kids to accidentally break Granny Jojo's latest ugly gift, a hideous vase.
7:30 PMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Matchmaker  : Darwin likes a girl in his class, so Gumball decides it's time to play cupid.
7:45 PMAdventure Time - Whispers: While safeguarding a frightened Sweet P, Finn is led into a confrontation with an old foe.
8:00 PMKing of the Hill - Next of Shin: Cotton's wife is pregnant, and he flees to Vegas with Hank in pursuit.
8:30 PMAmerican Dad - Meter Made: In order to be taken more seriously, Stan becomes a parking attendant.
9:00 PMThe Cleveland Show - Pilot: Cleveland decides it's time for Cleveland Jr. and him to leave Quahog.
9:30 PMAmerican Dad - Dope & Faith: Stan tries to make his new atheist friend believe that God exists.
10:00 PMBob's Burgers - Pro Tiki/Con Tiki: Bob's friend Warren offers to invest in the restaurant and give it a makeover.
10:30 PMBob's Burgers - Bye Bye Boo Boo: Louise enters a contest that could give Tina a chance to meet the exiting member of a boy band.
11:00 PMFamily Guy - Mr. Saturday Knight: Peter joins a traveling Renaissance fair and falls afoul of the infamous Black Knight.
11:30 PMFamily Guy - Fish Out of Water: Peter hunts for a man-eating fish in order to collect reward money to pay off a loan.
12:00 AMLocal Programming