25 June 2016

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11:35 PMRocko's Modern Life - Rocko's Happy Sack; Flu-in-U-Enza: Rocko and Spunky take advantage of a sale; Rocko gets the flu.
12:07 AMRugrats - Faire Play; The Smell of Success: The Rugrats visit a medieval fair; Chuckie's sense of smell improves.
12:38 AMRugrats - Send in the Clouds; In the Naval: Rugrats mistake fog for clouds; Cynthia falls overboard on a boating trip.
1:08 AMHey Arnold! - Grandpa's Sister; Synchronized Swimming: Grandpa's sister visits; the gang takes up synchronized swimming.
1:39 AMHey Arnold! - Stinky Goes Hollywood; Olga Gets Engaged: Stinky makes a soda commercial; Olga's fiance wins over everyone but Helga.
2:10 AMHey Arnold! - Big Gino; Jamie O in Love: Sid does business with a loan shark; Jamie is being used.
2:41 AMHey Arnold! - Arnold Saves Sid; Hookey: Arnold saves Sid from injury; Arnold and Gerald play hookey.
3:00 AMRugrats - Potty Training Spike; The Art Fair: Chuckie teaches Spike bathroom manners; Angelica takes credit for an abstract art work.
3:30 AMRugrats - Spike's Babies; Chicken Pops: Spike adopts a litter of kittens; the Rugrats get chicken pox.
4:00 AMRocko's Modern Life - Clean Lovin'; Unbalanced Load: Spunky develops a crush; Rocko learns that laundry day can be dangerous.
4:30 AMRocko's Modern Life - Rocko's Happy Sack; Flu-in-U-Enza: Rocko and Spunky take advantage of a sale; Rocko gets the flu.
5:00 AMThe Angry Beavers - Mission to the Big, Hot, Thingy; I Dare You: The boys hop aboard a space shuttle: game of one-upmanship.
5:30 AMThe Angry Beavers - Stare and Stare Alike!; I Am Not an Animal ... I'm Scientist No. 1: Dag and Norb engage in a stare-down contest; Scientist No. 1 turns himself into a beaver.
6:00 AMiCarly - iCan't Take It: Mrs. Benson discovers Sam and Freddie's relationship after Gibby concocts a plan to break them up.
6:30 AMProm: Intersecting stories unfold as high-school students prepare for their seminal event.
8:30 AMVictorious - Rex Dies: Tori feels responsible when Rex is accidentally sucked into a giant fan.
9:00 AMSam & Cat - WeStealARockStar  : Sam and Cat try to avoid getting in trouble when they accidentally knock out musician Del DeVille.
9:30 AMSam & Cat - NewGoat  : Sam and Cat baby-sit a pygmy goat while trying to win over their landlord's son, Dilben.
10:00 AMSam & Cat - TheBritBrats  : Sam and Cat baby-sit two polite, British girls; Sam fulfills a community service requirement.
10:30 AMSam & Cat - BabysitterWar  : Sam and Cat compete for their clients' affection to see who really is the best baby-sitter.
11:00 AMHenry Danger - Spoiler Alert  : Henry and Ray must deal with an annoying new villain called the Spoiler.
11:30 AMNicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn - The Mighty Quad Squad  : When a video of Nicky as Goggle Man goes viral, the popularity goes to his head.
12:00 PM100 Things to Do Before High School - Stay Up All Night Thing!  : CJ, Fen and Crispo are determined to stay awake all night and witness the sunrise.
12:30 PMGame Shakers - Sky Whale  : Babe and Kenzie's school project becomes an online gaming sensation.
1:00 PMThe Thundermans - Ditch Day  : Max and Phoebe create some fun for themselves on Ditch Day.
1:30 PMBella and the Bulldogs - Oh Baby, It's the Playoffs  : The Bulldogs' playoff game is moved to the same day as Pepper's mother's baby shower.
2:00 PMThe Other Kingdom - The Great Escape  : Astral and her friends deal with unresolved issues while they are trapped in the gym.
2:30 PMThe Other Kingdom - Hidden in Plain Sight  : Astral, Morgan and Devon must hurry to get everything ready in time for the fall dance.
3:00 PMVictorious - Beck's Big Break: Tori accidentally gets Beck fired from his role in a film; Robbie starts to have nightmares.
3:30 PMVictorious - The Blonde Squad: Cat meets a boy while wearing a costume for a film and worries that he will not like the real her.
4:00 PMVictorious - Opposite Date: Tori and Beck decide to go on a date where they do things that people would never do on a real date.
4:30 PMSam & Cat - Pilot  : Sam and Cat become roommates and decide to start their own baby-sitting service.
5:00 PMiCarly - iGoodbye: Carly wants her father to escort her to an important dance; Sam fixes a motorcycle.
6:00 PMRamona and Beezus: A mischievous girl and her big sister must save their family's home.
8:00 PM2016 BET Awards: Celebrating legendary artist Prince with musical tributes, including Sheila E. and The Roots.
11:30 PMRugrats - Reptar on Ice; Family Feud: The Rugrats find a baby lizard; the Pickles and the DeVilles stop speaking.
12:02 AMLocal Programming