31 July 2015

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11:30 PMDesperate: A truck driver and his wife hide on a farm from killer fur thieves and their leader.
1:00 AMThe Asphalt Jungle: An ex-convict masterminds a jewel heist with assorted losers destined for a dragnet.
3:00 AMThe Wrong Man: A New York nightclub musician and his wife endure an ordeal of mistaken identity.
5:15 AMMGM Parade: Victor Moore; Edward Arnold; host George Murphy.
6:00 AMNever Let Me Go: A U.S. reporter smuggles his ballerina wife out of Russia, with an Englishman in the same boat.
7:45 AMPlymouth Adventure: Capt. Jones, Dorothy Bradford, John Alden and the Pilgrims land after a rough trip on the Mayflower.
9:45 AMThe Egyptian: A tavern maid loves Pharaoh Ikhnaton's physician, but a Babylonian temptress ruins him.
12:15 PMBlack Widow: A police detective asks a Broadway couple, an actress, and others about a murder.
2:00 PMWhirlpool: A hypnotist frames a psychiatrist's kleptomaniac wife for murder.
3:45 PMLaura: An arrogant New York columnist taunts a detective obsessed with a slain woman's portrait.
5:30 PMThe Razor's Edge: Somerset Maugham's Larry Darrell goes to Paris and Tibet to find the meaning of life.
8:00 PMThe Ghost and Mrs. Muir: A London widow falls in love with a sea captain's ghost haunting her cottage by the sea.
10:00 PMHeaven Can Wait: Satan reviews a Gay '90s New York playboy's life to see if he deserves to go below.
12:00 AMLocal Programming