29 August 2016

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11:45 PMMr. Deeds Goes to Town: A folksy New England poet inherits $20 million he doesn't want and tells a New York newswoman why.
2:00 AMYou Can't Take It With You: An eccentric patriarch meets the stuffy parents of his granddaughter's fiance.
4:15 AMPublic Hero No. 1: An undercover G-man follows an escaped convict to his gang, his sister and his boozing doctor.
6:00 AMConfidential Agent: Loyalists send a retired musician to London to buy coal for the Spanish Civil War.
8:00 AMThe Constant Nymph: A teen adores a composer, who weds her older cousin.
10:00 AMLove Is a Ball: An American heiress on the Riviera falls in love with her chauffeur, foiling a matchmaker.
12:00 PMThe Earrings of Madame De ...: Diamond earrings twist the tragedy of a French countess, her husband and her Italian lover.
2:00 PMConquest: Married Countess Marie Walewska becomes Napoleon's mistress, followed by the battle of Waterloo.
4:00 PMLove Affair: A painter and singer meet on a ship and set a date to meet later atop the Empire State Building.
5:30 PMAll This and Heaven Too: A French duke finds his life embroiled in scandal following the arrival of a new governess.
8:00 PMAlgiers: A Paris thief hiding in the Casbah meets a woman who reminds him of home.
9:45 PMHold Back the Dawn: A Romanian gigolo exits Mexico by marrying a U.S. teacher on a field trip.
12:00 AMLocal Programming