7 July 2015

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10:00 PMThe Village: Members of a 19th-century community fear the strange creatures that inhabit the surrounding forest.
12:30 AMKilljoys - Bangarang  : Dutch and John are racing against time in an attempt to clear their names and save D'avin's life.
1:30 AMKilljoys - The Sugar Point Run  : A vengeful warlord strands the Killjoys in a bombed-out, restricted city wasteland.
2:30 AMKilljoys - The Harvest  : Dutch and John take on a warrant for a missing migrant worker on Leith.
3:30 AMDark Matter: When the crew has a stopover at a space station to restock and rest, the break takes a turn.
4:30 AMThe Twilight Zone - Probe 7: Over & Out: An astronaut (Richard Basehart) learns war has killed his people.
5:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
5:30 AMPaint Like A Pro With Paint Zoom!: The Paint Zoom power sprayer does the hard work for you - painting in just minutes instead of hours.
6:00 AMFace Off - A Force to Be Reckoned With: Hollywood star Sean Astin welcomes the cast; artists create original aliens for Star Wars.
7:00 AMFace Off - Alice in Zombieland: The artists must create based on classic characters from ``Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.''
8:00 AMFace Off - Supermobile: The artists use amazing vehicles to inspire original superheroes and sidekicks.
9:00 AMFace Off - Who's the New Who?: The artists must create original makeups inspired by a Dr. Seuss classic.
10:00 AMFace Off - Make It Reign: The artists create goblin kings and are judged by actor John Rhys-Davies.
11:00 AMFace Off - Heroic Proportions: The artists compete for the chance to have their design featured in a DC Comic book.
12:00 PMFace Off - Eye Candy: The contestants must create a creature using candy that is found throughout the lab.
1:00 PMFace Off - Two Heads Are Better Than One: The artists try to create a larger-than-life giant character based on an ancient fable.
2:00 PMThe Village: Members of a 19th-century community fear the strange creatures that inhabit the surrounding forest.
4:30 PMUnbreakable: A stranger counsels the sole survivor of a train crash.
6:30 PM1408: A skeptical author spends a night in a reputedly haunted hotel room.
9:00 PMPredestination: A temporal agent travels through time to prevent future killers from committing their crimes.
11:00 PM6 Souls: A forensic psychiatrist discovers her patient's multiple personalities are being murdered.