30 October 2014

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10:30 PMFright Night: A teenager discovers that his new neighbor is a vampire.
1:00 AMBuffy the Vampire Slayer - The Harsh Light of Day: Buffy must stop Spike when he returns to find a fabled relic.
2:00 AMBuffy the Vampire Slayer - Fear, Itself: Buffy, Willow, Oz and Xander get trapped in a haunted fraternity house on Halloween.
3:00 AMBuffy the Vampire Slayer - Beer Bad: Buffy goes drinking with a group of upperclassmen; Oz grows interested in a new performer.
4:00 AMSabrina, the Teenage Witch - Terrible Things: Sabrina meddles in her friends' fates by granting their wishes.
4:30 AMSabrina, the Teenage Witch - A Halloween Story: Sabrina wants to be at the coolest party around, but must attend a witches' celebration instead.
5:00 AMSabrina, the Teenage Witch - Dream Date: The witches create a dream date to take Sabrina to the school dance; guest Brian Austin Green.
5:30 AMSabrina, the Teenage Witch - Third Aunt From the Sun: Sabrina visits an eccentric aunt (Raquel Welch) who lives in a fantasy realm.
6:00 AMSabrina, the Teenage Witch - Magic Joel: A fledgling magician selects Sabrina to be his assistant, but she accidentally makes him disappear.
6:30 AMSabrina, the Teenage Witch - Geek Like Me: Sabrina transforms Libby into a geek to teach her a lesson about treating people with kindness.
7:00 AMSabrina, the Teenage Witch - Sweet & Sour Victory: Sabrina enhances her martial-arts skills with magical powers.
7:30 AMSabrina, the Teenage Witch - A Girl and Her Cat: On Christmas eve, Sabrina panics when she discovers her cat, Salem, is missing.
8:00 AMSabrina, the Teenage Witch - Trial by Fury: Sabrina's aunts teach an unfair teacher (Ed Begley Jr.) a lesson; guest Kathy Ireland.
8:30 AMSabrina, the Teenage Witch - Jenny's Non-Dream: Jenny accidentally enters the other realm when she spends the night with Sabrina.
9:00 AMSabrina, the Teenage Witch - Sabrina Through the Looking Glass: Sabrina accidentally enters a reverse world where everyone is unhappy.
9:30 AMSabrina, the Teenage Witch - Hilda and Zelda: The Teenage Years: Helda and Zelda accompany Sabrina to a rock concert; guest Violent Femmes.
10:00 AMBuffy the Vampire Slayer - Halloween: Buffy loses her slaying abilities while wearing a Halloween costume.
11:00 AMBuffy the Vampire Slayer - Fear, Itself: Buffy, Willow, Oz and Xander get trapped in a haunted fraternity house on Halloween.
12:00 PMLiving Single - Trick or Trust: Kyle, Overton and Synclaire try to scare Max at Scooter's Halloween party.
12:30 PMWill & Grace - Boo! Humbug: Jack and Karen head out to party, while Will and Grace go trick-or-treating with Harlan's kids.
1:00 PMWill & Grace - It's the Gay Pumpkin, Charlie Brown: Leo (Harry Connick Jr.) drags Grace along on a scary cycling trip through the autumn countryside.
1:30 PMHappy Endings - Spooky Endings: While Brad and Jane are house-sitting in the suburbs, the rest of the gang attends a party.
2:00 PMDon't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 - Love and Monsters ...: June tries to stop Chloe from ruining her favorite holiday with her elaborate tricks.
2:30 PMRoseanne - BOO!: The Conner family holds a contest to see who can play the scariest Halloween trick.
3:00 PMRoseanne - Trick or Treat: In Halloween garb, Roseanne is mistaken for a guy at the Lobo Lounge.
3:30 PMRoseanne - Trick Me Up, Trick Me Down: The Conners plan an outrageous costume party for Halloween that includes a practical joke.
4:00 PMRoseanne - Halloween IV: Roseanne becomes depressed when Becky can't be home for Halloween.
4:30 PMRoseanne - Halloween V: Dan wants to play a Halloween prank on Nancy; David and Darlene spook Roseanne.
5:00 PMRoseanne - Skeleton in the Closet: Roseanne's attempts to prank everybody at Leon's Halloween party.
5:30 PMRoseanne - Halloween: The Final Chapter: A Ouija board's message sends Roseanne into labor on Halloween.
6:00 PMShaun of the Dead: An aimless TV salesman and his friend battle zombies.
8:00 PMQueen of the Damned: The vampire Lestat unites with a female counterpart.
10:30 PMQueen of the Damned: The vampire Lestat unites with a female counterpart.