4 July 2015

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11:50 PMThe Facts of Life - Best Sister: Blair tries to stop Jo and Meg from becoming nuns.
12:23 AMThe Facts of Life - Guess What's Coming to Dinner?: Mrs. Garrett tries to entertain her French visitors.
12:55 AMThe Facts of Life - Who's on First: Natalie's devotion to her new beau excludes Tootie.
1:28 AMThe Facts of Life - Help From Home: Jo decides to forgo college after a visit home.
2:00 AMBewitched - Daddy Comes to Visit: Maurice, Sam's father allows Darrin to use magic for one day.
2:30 AMBewitched - Darrin the Warlock: Darrin gives up his powers and lands the Bliss account anyway.
3:00 AMBewitched - Sam's Double Mother Trouble: Esmeralda is reading Mother Goose to Tabitha, and ends up sneezing up the real Mother Goose.
3:30 AMBewitched - You're So Agreeable: Darrin is freed from his agreeable spell and gets his old job back.
4:00 AMBewitched - Samantha's Better Halves: Endora steps in when Darrin is torn between Samantha and a business deal.
4:30 AMBewitched - Samantha's Lost Weekend: Samantha develops an appetite and wreaks havoc in a supermarket.
5:00 AMBewitched - The Phrase Is Familiar: Because of Endora's spell, Darrin almost talks himself out of a job.
5:30 AMBewitched - Samantha's Secret is Discovered: Samantha saves her secret and Mrs. Stephens' sanity with some well-placed witchcraft.
6:00 AMRoseanne - Homeward Bound: A surprise visit from Darlene makes David realize how much he misses her.
6:30 AMRoseanne - Guilt by Imagination: Dan tries to conceal the fact he had lunch with an old flame.
7:00 AMRoseanne - Homecoming: Becky and Mark return to help celebrate a momentous anniversary for Dan.
7:30 AMRoseanne - The Driver's Seat: Roseanne and Leon squabble over the Lunch Box diner; D.J. goes joy riding.
8:00 AMRoseanne - Suck Up or Shut Up: To help business at the diner, Roseanne joins a stuffy women's group.
8:30 AMRoseanne - Busted: Dan tries to reunite Becky and Mark; Roseanne learns Darlene and David are in Chicago.
9:00 AMRoseanne - David vs. Goliath: Roseanne tries to calm things down when Dan goes into a rage over David and Darlene's relationship.
9:30 AMRoseanne - Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Roseanne has a close encounter of a different kind when she goes to a gay bar with Nancy.
10:00 AMThe Facts of Life - Graduation: Blair and Jo object to graduation plans.
10:30 AMThe Facts of Life - Graduation: Blair and Jo realize what they have learned.
11:00 AMThe Facts of Life - Brave New World: Mrs. Garrett is angry; Jo faces expulsion.
11:30 AMThe Facts of Life - Brave New World: Mrs. Garrett's move causes new problems.
12:00 PMThe Facts of Life - Gamma Gamma or Bust: Blair fires sorority-party caterer Mrs. Garrett.
12:32 PMThe Facts of Life - Just My Bill: Jo's new boyfriend turns out to be wealthy.
1:04 PMThe Facts of Life - What Price Glory?: Tootie learns that her athlete beau is illiterate.
1:37 PMThe Facts of Life - The Halloween Show: A customer mysteriously vanishes on Halloween.
2:09 PMThe Facts of Life - Advance Placement: High-school junior Natalie takes a college course.
2:42 PMThe Facts of Life - I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can: Blair and Jo plan a wild night out for Mrs. Garrett.
3:14 PMThe Facts of Life - Small but Dangerous: Mrs. Garrett and the girls befriend a tough girl.
3:46 PMMars Attacks!: Earthlings misread the intentions of martian visitors and die, in a parody of '50s sci-fi films.
6:30 PMMars Attacks!: Earthlings misread the intentions of martian visitors and die, in a parody of '50s sci-fi films.
9:10 PMAustin Powers in Goldmember: Austin goes back to 1975 to rescue his captive father.
11:20 PMAbsolutely Fabulous: A wild single mother raises her straight-laced daughter.
12:03 AMLocal Programming