1 July 2016

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10:30 PMSweet Home Alabama: A fashion designer demands a divorce from her husband.
1:00 AMMarriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars - Taradise Lost  : One star enters boot camp alone to find their mate; couples are blind sided.
2:00 AMMarriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars - Over My Dead Body  : The couples go into shock when forced to face the death of their partner.
3:00 AMMarriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars - Loose Lips Kill Relationships  : A spouse swap sparks chaos; Michelle goes ballistic when Cody spills a huge secret from her past.
4:00 AMMarriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars - Memp-hitz The Fan  : Emotions explode during a fight exercise; questions of infidelity spark drama.
5:00 AMAirbrushed Beauty: Let Luminess Air improve your everyday beauty needs.
5:30 AMPerfect Cooker!: Enjoy fast and easy meals in LESS time!
6:00 AMFacelift in Minutes at Home: Conture, the miraculous anti-aging sytem, allows you to look younger in minutes in your home.
6:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
7:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
7:30 AMThicker Hair - Guaranteed!: Thicker, fuller looking hair is within reach!
8:00 AMLifeLock Protection: Identity theft protection: learn about America's fastest growing crime & how LifeLock can help you.
8:30 AMNo more wrinkles! Say ByeBye now and look younger!: No more wrinkles! Look younger with Bye Bye Foundation. Developed to correct and protect your skin.
9:00 AMSexy Summer Beach Bodies!: Sculpt a hot summer beach body!
9:30 AMDr. Ho Relieves Back Pain: Order the decompression belt today to help get fast relief from your aching back pain.
10:00 AMRoseanne - A Bitter Pill to Swallow: Roseanne is stunned when Becky asks for advice about birth control.
10:30 AMRoseanne - Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: Roseanne is glad when Becky breaks up with Mark, but her confrontation with him ends in surprise.
11:00 AMRoseanne - This Old House: Roseanne and Jackie's childhood house is slated for demolition.
11:30 AMRoseanne - The Commercial Show: The neighbors move; Roseanne pitches the Conners' business on television.
12:00 PMRoseanne - Therapy: Roseanne and Jackie see a therapist to work out their differences.
12:30 PMRoseanne - Lies: Darlene seeks advice from Dan and Becky; Roseanne worries about passing a lie detector test.
1:00 PMRoseanne - Deliverance: Dan must step in for Roseanne as Crystal's delivery-room coach.
1:30 PMRoseanne - Secrets: Mark turns to alcohol to solve his problems with Becky, and Dan lies to Roseanne.
2:00 PMRoseanne - Aliens: Roseanne looks for a new job; a lack of money forces Becky to put her college plans on hold.
2:30 PMRoseanne - Terms of Estrangement: Dan's motorcycle business fails; Becky mulls relocating with Mark.
3:00 PMRoseanne - Terms of Estrangement: Dan feels like a failure after losing the bike shop; newlyweds Mark and Becky return for a visit.
3:30 PMRoseanne - The Dark Ages: The power company disconnects power to the Conner home when Roseanne fails to pay the electric bill.
4:00 PMRoseanne - Mommy Nearest: Roseanne's mom wants to move to Lanford; Jackie dates a younger guy.
4:30 PMRoseanne - Pretty in Black: Darlene's Sweet Sixteen birthday party; Roseanne dreams of investing in a new business with Jackie.
5:00 PMLaw & Order - Aria: A woman is charged with manslaughter when her daughter commits suicide.
6:00 PMLaw & Order - Asylum: A homeless murderer claims the police illegally searched the box he lives in.
7:00 PMLaw & Order - God Bless the Child: A child whose parents refuse medical treatment on religious grounds dies.
8:00 PMLaw & Order - Misconception: A woman is charged with murder after she miscarries following a staged attack.
9:00 PMLaw & Order - In Memory Of: The discovery of a boy's corpse reopens a 31-year-old missing-child case.
10:00 PMLaw & Order - Out of Control: Evidence suggests a coed may be accusing fraternity brothers of rape to cover up her promiscuity.
11:00 PMLaw & Order - Renunciation: A student becomes a pawn in a deadly game masterminded by one of his teachers.
12:00 AMLocal Programming