18 August 2017

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11:30 PMCop Out: Two NYPD detectives must retrieve a valuable baseball card.
2:00 AMMartha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party - Bringing Home the Bacon  : Robin Thicke, Keke Palmer and DJ Khaled join Snoop and Martha to have breakfast for dinner.
2:30 AMMartha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party - High on the Hog  : Fat Joe and Kelis join Martha and Snoop as they cook up ribs and a whole hog.
3:00 AMMartha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party - Keeping It In The Family  : Ashlee Simpson, Evan Ross, and Uncle Reo join Snoop and Martha as they cook up classic favorites.
3:30 AMMartha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party - Something Fishy  : Kathy Griffin, Mike Epps and sushi chefs Abe Hiroki and Morimoto help Snoop and Martha roll sushi.
4:00 AMCheaters - Misti Elliot: Misti's live-in boyfriend steps out with another woman.
4:30 AMCheaters - Cynthia Cole: Cynthia's boyfriend has become deceitful and dangerous.
5:00 AMCheaters - Danielle Williams: Danielle's boyfriend's new workout regimen is merely an excuse to mingle with other women.
5:30 AMCheaters - Freddy Ramirez, Carolyn Pretzel, Ryan Creek: Freddy is betrayed by his girlfriend; Carolyn realizes her boyfriend is dishonest.
6:00 AMCheaters - Darin Gaffney: Darin's wife makes other men look and feel good.
6:30 AMCheaters - Nicole Lombardi: Nicole Lombardi discovers her husband entertaining another woman in their second home.
7:00 AMCheaters: Christi finds her husband seeking out women instead of gainful employment.
7:30 AMCheaters - Carl Tidwell: Carl's wife receives emergency sessions from her therapist -- in the bedroom.
8:00 AMCheaters: Sara discovers the kind of help her neighbor offers her boyfriend when she is out of town.
8:30 AMCheaters - Kelly Torres: Kelly's boyfriend dances it up with another woman.
9:00 AMCheaters: Jessica Sanders finds her referee boyfriend making bad judgment calls.
9:30 AMCheaters: Kitty Ramsey discovers her musician girlfriend playing someone else's instrument.
10:00 AMCheaters - Harmoniee Vance: Harmoniee Vance finds out her boyfriend has fostered a baby but not with her.
10:30 AMCheaters - Eryn Shields: Eryn Shields discovers her boyfriend raising hell at his ranch.
11:00 AMCheaters - Mimi Barber: Mimi Barber catches her boyfriend parceling out his love to another woman.
11:30 AMForrest Gump: An innocent man enters history from the '50s to the '90s.
3:00 PMCop Out: Two NYPD detectives must retrieve a valuable baseball card.
5:30 PMRoll Bounce: The closure of their rink forces a skater and his friends to gather at an uptown establishment.
8:00 PMDrumline: A Harlem youth joins a university's marching band.
10:30 PMDrumline: A New Beat: A young woman aspires to become a trailblazing leader in her school's marching band.