13 October 2015

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11:10 PMMindhunters: A serial killer targets a group of FBI trainees and a Philadelphia policeman on a deserted island.
1:00 AMBabel: A tragic accident's scope links four groups of strangers on three continents in its grip.
3:30 AMHeartless: Jamie, a young man with a heart-shaped birthmark, discovers demons on the streets of East London.
5:30 AMA Promise: A love triangle forms between an ailing factory owner, his young bride and his protege.
7:10 AMThe Crooked E: The Unshredded Truth About Enron: Enron Corp. files for bankruptcy after a scandal implies company officials used illegal procedures.
8:35 AMThat Gal ... Who Was in That Thing: Actresses talk about the ups and downs of their profession.
10:00 AMThe Other End of the Line: A call-center employee from India comes to America to see a man she met on the telephone.
12:00 PMThe Heavy: Rivalry between two brothers comes to a head when one becomes a candidate for prime minister.
1:45 PMLarry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector: An uncouth investigator probes an outbreak of food poisonings at ritzy restaurants.
3:30 PMSleepover: Four teenage friends find adventure after a popular girl challenges them to a scavenger hunt.
5:00 PMLovesick: A man tries to prevent his strange psychological condition from affecting his new relationship.
6:25 PMDonovan's Echo: A series of incidents causes a man to re-examine his memories and his future.
8:00 PMFruitvale Station: Flashbacks reveal the final day in the life of Oscar Grant, a young man shot dead by police.
9:30 PMBlue Caprice: A man distorts his father-son relationship to make a teen into a killer.
11:05 PMThe Minus Man: A couple take in a drifter with a secret identity.