25 June 2016

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11:40 PMCaillou - Caillou the Builder: Caillou and his friends build a road through the sandlot.
12:00 AMAstroblast! - Beck and Call; Sputnick Takes Charge 
12:30 AMClangers - Things 
12:45 AMClangers - The Lost Notes  : Tiny Clanger loses his music.
1:00 AMClangers - The Little Thing  : A Sky Moo gives Small Clanger a mysterious object.
1:15 AMClangers - In the Soup  : When Major Clanger invents a machine to collect soup from the Soup Dragon.
1:30 AMPajanimals - Queen for a Night: Cowbella is being bossy.
1:45 AMPajanimals - Missing Mom and Dad: Sweet Pea Sue is missing Mom and Dad.
2:00 AMLazyTown - Ghost Stoppers: Trixie pretends to be a ghost and scares her classmates.
2:30 AMTree Fu Tom - Tom's Teddy  : Tom loses a special toy bear and his search for it becomes an epic adventure.
3:00 AMEarth to Luna! - Silkworms  : Luna, Jupiter, and Clyde learn about silkworms.
3:15 AMEarth to Luna! - Slip-sliding Along  : The gang learns about different surfaces.
3:30 AMBoj: Boj is a rare marsupial from the Australian Outback.
3:45 AMBoj: Boj is a rare marsupial from the Australian Outback.
4:00 AMChloe's Closet - In the Fix  : Handyman Chloe and friends are called to fix Mother Nature 's rundown cottage.
4:15 AMChloe's Closet - Follow the Castle's Brick Road.  : Chloe and Tara help a wizard regain his magical powers.
4:30 AMPoppy Cat - Forgotten Circus  : Mo has never been to a circus, so the gang head decide to take him to one.
4:45 AMPoppy Cat - Gloopy Ponds  : Zuzu brags about his great-great-great grandfather's prized 'gold' medallion.
5:00 AMSydney Sailboat - Muddles in the Mist  : Muddles are mistaken for monsters in the fog.
5:15 AMSydney Sailboat - Around the World in a Day  : The Bay is throwing Rodney the sub a Welcome Home party.
5:30 AMZou - Zou's Boat Race  : Zou finds his father's old model boat; he gets it ready to race against Zinnia's boat.
5:45 AMZou - Zou's Family Photo  : Zou tries to keep his clothes clean for a family photo; Grandpa finds a game that is clean and fun.
6:00 AMRuff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave - A Dancing Adventure; A Kite Adventure  : Dave finds his dancing rhythm.
6:30 AMRuff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave - A Cowboy Adventure; A Birthday Adventure  : The gang spends a day at the Six Cow Corral.
7:00 AMNina's World - Nina Unplugged; Nina the Great  : A neighborhood blackout creates an opportunity to bring family and friends together.
7:30 AMNina's World - Nina and Papi Play Baseball; Nina the Shadow Chaser  : Nina helps Papi practice his pitching; while Skye is babysitting, Nina and Star watch a scary movie.
8:00 AMMaya the Bee - Powder Power; Maya to the Rescue 
8:30 AMMaya the Bee - No Sleep for Maya; Royal Outing  : A cricket keeps the whole meadow from sleeping.
9:00 AMSuper Wings - The Pyramid Kid; Viking Voyage 
9:30 AMSuper Wings - Cold Feet; Balancing Act 
10:00 AMThe Floogals - Project Painting; Project Egg Hunt  : The Floogals learn about painting; an egg hunt.
10:30 AMThe Floogals - Project Tortoise; Project Washer Dryer  : The Floogals learn about tortoises; the Floogals are washed in a washing machine.
11:00 AMSarah & Duck - Moon Paint  : Sarah and Duck give Moon painting lessons after being inspired by a trip to the art gallery.
11:20 AMSarah & Duck - The Art of Pink 
11:40 AMSarah & Duck - Toggle Tangle  : After Sarah helps Scarf Lady prepare the wool for her new roof, she settles down for a dreamy sleep.
12:00 PMSarah & Duck - Tummy Talk  : Sarah's stomach begins to rumble after she forgets her sandwich.
12:20 PMSarah & Duck - Duck Hotel  : Duck wins a trip for two to an exciting hotel and finds that he settles in much quicker than Sarah.
12:40 PMSarah & Duck - Lost Librarian  : When the librarian loses a book, Sarah thinks her toy periscope might help with the search.
1:00 PMMaya the Bee - The Stranger; Beware of the Bear  : Maya and Barry look for a mushroom thief.
1:30 PMMaya the Bee - Misleading Appearances; Sleeping Beauty  : Maya and Willy's caterpillar friend turns into a moth; they accidentally put the hive to sleep.
2:00 PMMaya the Bee - Philibert; Dancing With Bees 
2:30 PMMaya the Bee - Willy Moves Out; The Wild Bunch  : Maya may lose her best friend when Beeswax decides the hive is too small.
3:00 PMMaya the Bee - Bee Clean; Flying License  : Maya and Willy have caught bee lice and need help from the wild bees to end the infestation.
3:30 PMMaya the Bee - Mrs. Hermit Beetle's Journey; No Friend for Dino  : Maya wants to help Miss Hermit's Beetle find her brother but her memory is not so good.
4:00 PMAstroblast! - Stop Booging Me; Just Peachy 
4:30 PMAstroblast! - Hole in One; Treasure Hunt 
5:00 PMAstroblast! - Be Mine; Three's a Crowd  : A mailbox mixup leaves Comet questioning his friendship with Halley.
5:30 PMAstroblast! - Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Alligator?; Sing Along to the Bouncing Monkey  : New customers are scared of Jet, but they learn to trust him after he saves one from a fall.
6:00 PMRobots: A robot must save older-model cyborgs from destruction. Animated.
7:45 PMRobots: A robot must save older-model cyborgs from destruction. Animated.
9:30 PMThe Jungle Bunch - Free Fall  : Gilbert helps a young flying fox overcome his fear of flying.
10:00 PMNina's World - Nina Dances With Nico; Nina Bakes Bread  : Nico teaches Nina how to do a Mexican Hat Dance; Nina, Chelsea and Papi bake together.
10:20 PMStella and Sam - Cave Kids; Sally Goose  : Sam and Stella hide in a cave during a storm.
10:40 PMSarah & Duck - Garden Gaming  : Duck is getting frustrated with his new computer game, so Sarah constructs a new version of it.
11:00 PMThe Floogals - Project Egg Hunt 
11:20 PMLily's Driftwood Bay - Logbook Lookout; The Mystery Key 
11:40 PMCaillou - Caillou to the Rescue: Caillou helps Rosie fall asleep; fire drills.
12:00 AMLocal Programming