20 July 2017

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11:02 PMMy 600-Lb. Life - Milla's Story  : Milla is dependent on her husband and kids, who can't resist her unending requests for junk food.
12:02 AMMy 600-Lb. Life - Dottie's Story  : Dottie's child's emergency and her own self-sabotage threaten to derail hopes for weight-loss.
1:00 AMMy 600-Lb. Life - Erica's Story  : Erica regrets not keeping a promise to her mom and hopes her siblings will help.
3:00 AMLeah Remini: It's All Relative - I'm a Huge Star in Malaysia  : Leah finds out Angelo made a bad commercial for the family diner; Leah does hilarious voice-overs.
3:30 AMLeah Remini: It's All Relative - Happy Colonoscopy!  : Leah's stepfather, George, is turning 72 and is due for a colonoscopy.
4:00 AMLeah Remini: It's All Relative - Feeling Blue  : The family's dog, Blue, passes away; Leah plans a memorial service and Sofia opens a lemonade stand.
4:30 AMLeah Remini: It's All Relative - Bucket List  : Leah encourages her mother to cross skydiving off her bucket list.
5:00 AMWhat Not to Wear - Tenessa: This web content specialist loves to wear clothes that make people laugh.
6:00 AMWhat Not to Wear - Leigh Anne: Leigh-Anne is a busy teacher and mother with a frumpy wardrobe.
7:00 AMSay Yes to the Dress - Double or Nothing: Amy purchased a ball gown that doesn't fit a change in venue; Lisa wants a dress double her budget.
7:30 AMSay Yes to the Dress - Dad Knows Best: Kate is at the salon; Leah's dad can't attend because he's a quadriplegic.
8:00 AMSay Yes to the Dress - We Don't Do Anything Normal: Bodybuilder Melissa needs a dress that shows off her muscles; Shay loses his cool with Randy.
9:00 AMThe Spouse House - I'm Going to Get Married Here!  : Fourteen singles longing for love move into a place where proposals and weddings can happen weekly.
10:00 AMThe Spouse House - The Grass Is Always Greener  : Two love triangles are in full force, but as passions run high, hearts may be broken.
11:00 AMSay Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Modern Day Scarlett: A bride looks at herself as a modern Scarlett O'Hara; a bride looks for that perfect ''aha'' moment.
11:30 AMSay Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Never Been Kissed: A father can't stand lace; Flo has her hands full with a seventeen-year-old bride.
12:00 PMSay Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Country Girls Do Bridal Best: Hannah wants a dress to match her special cowgirl boots; Bride Leslie knows what she wants.
12:30 PMSay Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Chances Are...: Tamisha and her friend battle; Meredith wants a simple dress; Lindsay is worried.
1:00 PMFour Weddings - ... and a Yellow Brick Road  : Micaela mixes a unity cocktail at the altar; Karina is roped with a Mexican wedding lasso.
2:00 PMFour Weddings - ... And a Stingray  : Emily goes back in time at her nuptials; Jessica exchanges vows at a historic New Orleans landmark.
3:00 PMMy Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding - Rituals, Rules and the Ultimate Gypsy Test  : A daughter must perform ancient rituals; a gypsy teen plans to marry against her families wishes.
4:00 PMMy Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding - A Love Worth Fighting For  : Two teens from feuding families want to marry; attempting to be the first gypsy jujitsu champion.
5:00 PM90 Day Fianc - Family Secrets  : Russ and Pao struggle to get back on track; Loren and Alex deliver sad news to his mom.
7:00 PMI Am Jazz - Double Trouble  : After a bottom surgery consultation, Jazz and her parents process the troubling diagnosis.
8:00 PMI Am Jazz - Getting to the Bottom of It  : Jazz and Jeanette agree to participate in Grandpa Jack's presentation on transgender issues.
9:00 PMI Am Jazz - Sweet (and Sour) Sixteen  : Jazz battles with Jeanette about going to therapy; the family plans surprises for Jazz's sweet 16.
10:00 PMI Am Jazz - Dating in the Dark  : Jazz goes outside her comfort zone to get to know someone before telling them she's transgender.
11:00 PMI Am Jazz - Double Trouble  : After a bottom surgery consultation, Jazz and her parents process the troubling diagnosis.
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