24 July 2014

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11:30 PMLiv & Maddie - Shoe-A-Rooney  : Liv gives Maddie a pair of comfortable high heels to help Maddie feel ``girly.''
12:00 AMPhil of the Future - Versa Day: Phil and Pim have been arguing which forces Mom and Dad to call a Versa Day, they switch bodies.
12:30 AMPhil of the Future - Time Release Capsule: Lloyd realizes that Pickford High School's time capsule is the key to returning to the future.
1:00 AMThe Suite Life on Deck - The Kidney of the Sea: A rude mother tries to keep Zack and his crush from each other.
1:30 AMThe Suite Life on Deck - International Dateline: Cody is stuck in the same day over and over after the ship is struck by lightning.
2:00 AMWizards of Waverly Place - Fairy Tale: Alex gets a real fairy to play Tinkerbell in the school play.
2:30 AMWizards of Waverly Place - Art Teacher: Alex causes her art class to be cancelled. Max invents a disease to get out of gym class.
3:00 AMShake It Up! - Boot It Up: Rocky and Cece are disappointed once they get to Major Dance Boot Camp for their summer vacation.
3:30 AMA.N.T. Farm - body of evidANTs  : Olive tries to understand why her pet robot is no longer functioning.
4:00 AMThe Suite Life on Deck - The Defiant Ones: When Cody lies about his homework, his friends become involved in his lies; Zack and Moseby argue.
4:30 AMThe Suite Life on Deck - London's Apprentice: Everyone competes to create an invention for a $1 million prize offered by London's father.
5:00 AMPhineas and Ferb - Where's Perry?: Phineas and Ferb go on safari while Perry protects Danville from a new evil.
5:30 AMPhineas and Ferb - Where's Perry? Part II: Agent P is nowhere in sight and Dr. Doofenshmirtz and Major Monogram square off against evil Carl.
6:00 AMOctonauts - Mudskippers; Immortal Jellyfish 
6:30 AMOctonauts - Marine Iguanas; Dwarf Lanternshark  : While the octonauts plan their yearly seaweed fest, a few marine iguanas steal their seaweed.
7:00 AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse - Doctor Daisy, MD: Daisy treats Goofy's injury.
7:30 AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse - Sea Captain Mickey: Mickey and the gang search for something at the bottom of Mickey Lake.
8:00 AMJake and the Never Land Pirates - Nanny Nell; Izzy and the Sea-Unicorn: Nanny Nell arrives to help with the Jolly Roger in shape; Izzy's new friend is captured.
8:30 AMSofia the First - Holiday in Enchancia  : A storm keeps the King from going home for the holidays.
9:00 AMDoc McStuffins - The Glider Brothers; Disco Dress Up Daisy  : Donny's toy glider plane crashes; Lambie gets jealous.
9:30 AMDoc McStuffins - Leilani's Lu'au/Karate Kangaroos  : A new hula girl toy needs sunlight for energy; Angus is nervous to play.
10:00 AMSofia the First - The Enchanted Feast  : Snow White helps Sofia learn to trust.
10:30 AMPhineas and Ferb: The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension: Two stepbrothers and a platypus battle evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz. Animated.
12:00 PMDog With a Blog - Crimes of the Art  : Tyler enters the same art competition as Avery and she accuses him of just doing it for the money.
12:25 PMMickey Mouse - No Service  : Mickey and Donald try to buy lunch from a beachside snack shack but are turned down.
12:30 PMDog With a Blog - Stan's Old Owner  : Avery, Tyler and Chloe are faced with a difficult decision after Stan's former owner shows up.
1:00 PMAustin & Ally - Diners & Daters  : Austin falls for a waitress; Dez continues to try fending off Mindy's attention.
1:30 PMAustin & Ally - World Records & Work Wreckers  : Austin and Dez set out to break a world record; Ally accidentally hires her crush, Dallas.
2:00 PMAustin & Ally - Albums & Auditions  : Ally gets accepted to a music school but unfortunately, the school is in New York.
2:30 PMLiv & Maddie - Move-A-Rooney  : The kids mistakenly think they are moving.
3:00 PMLiv & Maddie - Moms-A-Rooney  : Maddie and Karen take part in a mother-daughter weekend.
3:25 PMMickey Mouse - Eau de Minnie  : Minnie's new perfume enchants an entire city.
3:30 PMLiv & Maddie - Song-A-Rooney  : Due to an error in judgement, Liv's new single becomes a hit for the wrong reasons.
4:00 PMI Didn't Do It - In the Doghouse With the White House  : During a school trip to Washington, D.C., the first dog is stolen from the White House.
4:30 PMI Didn't Do It - Dance Fever  : Lindy tries to escape her nemesis, Sherri, and her goal of perfect attendance.
5:00 PMJessie - The Blind Date, the Cheapskate and the Primate  : Jessie and Tony talk and they decide to hook each other up with friends.
5:30 PMJessie - The Rosses Get Real  : Jessie is excited when she and the Ross kids are invited to participate in a reality show.
6:00 PMJessie - Krumping and Crushing  : Jessie enrolls Luke in a dance class but Luke decides to replace doing homework with dance practice.
6:25 PMMickey Mouse - Sleepwalkin'  : Mickey decides to watch over Goofy since he's been having problems with sleepwalking.
6:30 PMJessie - Acting With the Frenemy  : Jessie's new friend from acting class starts stealing her ideas for a character.
7:00 PMAustin & Ally - Glee Clubs & Glory  : Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez team together to try and win a Glee Club competition.
7:30 PMLiv & Maddie - Shoe-A-Rooney  : Liv gives Maddie a pair of comfortable high heels to help Maddie feel ``girly.''
8:00 PMGirl Meets World - Girl Meets Sneak Attack  : An exchange between Missy and Lucas has Riley seeing green; Maya and Farkle teach her how to flirt.
8:30 PMGirl Meets World - Girl Meets Boy  : Cory's homework assignment inadvertently brings Riley and Lucas closer together.
9:00 PMSpy Kids 3: Game Over: A boy enters a virtual-reality game to save his sister.
10:30 PMJessie - Teacher's Pest  : Zuri is having problems with a teacher at school, so, Jessie decides to volunteer in her classroom.
11:00 PMAustin & Ally - Fanatics & Favors  : Ally, Trish and Austin are surprised to learn that Dez's relative is an Austin Moon fan.
11:30 PMLiv & Maddie - Song-A-Rooney  : Due to an error in judgement, Liv's new single becomes a hit for the wrong reasons.
12:00 AMLocal Programming