30 September 2016

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11:30 PMUnder Fire: Three U.S. journalists get too close to one another and their work in 1979 Nicaragua.
1:45 AMA Bridge Too Far: Allied paratroops land in 1944 Holland to capture six bridges leading to Germany.
4:45 AMBat 21: A U.S. pilot races an air-strike deadline to find an air-strike expert downed in Vietnam.
6:30 AMFirst to Fight: A Guadalcanal Marine hero settles with his wife, then returns to battle and freezes under fire.
8:15 AMJamaica Inn: A Victorian girl stays at her uncle's inn, haven for a shipwrecker.
10:00 AMMGM Parade: Film clips of ``A Free Soul'' with Clark Cable and `` Trial.''.
10:30 AMPrivate Eyes: Now Slip can read minds; he and the gang open a detective agency.
12:00 PMAnnie Get Your Gun: Sharpshooter Annie Oakley joins Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show and aims to win her man.
2:00 PMDodge City: A Texas cattleman comes to Dodge City, Kan., with his buddies and dons a badge to clean it up.
4:00 PMThe Last Challenge: An upstart outlaw baits a legendary gunslinger, now a marshal in love with a saloonkeeper.
6:00 PMHang 'Em High: Rescued rancher deputized to hunt his would-be lynchers.
8:00 PMTwo Guys From Milwaukee: A Brooklyn cabby and his manicurist girlfriend meet a prince posing as a guy from Milwaukee.
9:45 PMTwo Guys From Texas: Two song-and-dance men run into trouble and two women on a Texas dude ranch.
11:30 PMIt's a Great Feeling: Stars and waitress join comics making a movie.