29 June 2017

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10:15 PMCountdown: A scientist replaces a military officer as an astronaut on a space-race moonshot.
12:15 AMHide in Plain Sight: Man's children vanish with ex into witness-protection program.
2:15 AMRabbit, Run: A former high-school basketball star leaves his pregnant, alcoholic wife for a part-time hooker.
4:00 AMFreebie and the Bean: Two San Francisco police officers destroy cars and property in their pursuit of a gangster.
6:00 AMLast of the Pagans: Two South Sea Islanders fall in love, followed by a hurricane.
7:15 AMThe Little Hut: An upper-class English couple and their bachelor friend are shipwrecked on a desert isle.
9:00 AMMen in Exile: An American outcast finds love and conflict on a Caribbean island of exiles.
10:15 AMWhite Shadows in the South Seas: A doctor tries to save an island beauty and her tribe from corruption by a pearl trader.
11:45 AMWhite Zombie: A voodoo master of sugar-mill zombies holds another man's bride in his Haitian castle.
1:00 PMThe Most Dangerous Game: A mad count hunts a couple with a bow and arrows.
2:15 PMIsland of Lost Souls: Maker of bestial mutants plots to mate panther-woman.
3:30 PMThe Lost Continent: A captain and his ship of fools and explosives hit another world of monsters and conquistadors.
5:00 PMIsle of the Dead: A Greek general in the 1912 Balkans finds his wife's grave robbed and fights a plague.
6:15 PMLord of the Flies: English schoolboys, stranded on a desert island without adults, soon turn savage.
8:00 PMThe Big Country: A former sea captain goes West, woos women and joins a fight over water rights.
11:00 PMHow the West Was Won: Three generations of a family go west through a buffalo stampede, the Civil War and a train robbery.