1 September 2014

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10:00 PMHouse of 1000 Corpses: Young friends encounter a group of backwoods oddballs while investigating a legendary maniac.
12:00 AMScream 2: A masked killer continues to pursue a California student and her friends at an Ohio college.
2:30 AMUnearthed: A remote desert town comes under attack after an archaeologist digs up an ancient creature.
4:30 AMGarfunkel and Oates - Road Warriors  : Riki and Kate have to deal with a heckler and a calculator magician at their 1000th show.
5:00 AMThe Birthday Boys - Going All the Way  : The Birthday Boys revisit their High School days with a pact; Dad goes to prom.
5:30 AMThe Birthday Boys - Dumb Public  : A visit with Glanard Frugner, the worst animator of all time; an evaluation how smart the public is.
6:00 AMWhitest Kids U'Know: Making Animals Kiss, Black Light, Escape Artist.
6:15 AMBatman - The Impractical Joker: Keys hold the clues to Joker's latest scheme.
6:45 AMBatman - The Joker's Provokers: The Joker hopes to bring Gotham under his power with the help of some pills.
7:15 AMBatman - Marsha, Queen of Diamonds: Marsha, Queen of Diamonds (Carolyn Jones), sets out to take hold of the Batcomputer's power source.
7:45 AMBatman - Marsha's Scheme With Diamonds: Marsha tells Gordon she has turned the pair into toads.
8:15 AMBatman - Come Back, Shame: A determined villain (Cliff Robertson) believes his special truck can outrun the Batmobile.
8:45 AMBatman - It's the Way You Play the Game: Shame (Cliff Robertson) uses his high-powered truck to steal valuable steers.
9:15 AMBatman - The Penguin's Nest: The Penguin hopes to be sent to the state prison so he can team up with a forger.
9:45 AMBatman - The Bird's Last Jest: Batman hopes to fool the Penguin by having Alfred pose as a forger.
10:16 AMBatman - The Cat's Meow: Catwoman plans to steal the voices of singers Chad and Jeremy.
10:47 AMBatman - The Bats Kow Tow: Batman and Robin pursue Catwoman, who has stolen the voices of others.
11:18 AMBatman - The Puzzles Are Coming: The Puzzler uses balloons to leave Batman and Robin his baffling clues.
11:49 AMBatman - The Duo Is Slumming: The Puzzler's latest plot fails once Batman and Robin break his code.
12:20 PMBatman - The Sandman Cometh: Catwoman schemes with a dream-inducing thug.
12:51 PMBatman - The Catwoman Goeth: Sandman double-crosses Catwoman to steal J. Pauline Spaghetti's noodle fortune for himself.
1:22 PMBatman - The Contaminated Cowl: The Mad Hatter sprays Batman with radioactive fumes.
1:53 PMBatman - The Mad Hatter Runs a Foul: Batman follows Mad Hatter via a device in his stolen cowl.
2:24 PMBatman - The Zodiac Crimes: The Joker plans to commit crimes that correspond to the signs of the zodiac.
2:55 PMBatman - The Joker's Hard Time: The Joker, busy with his latest thefts, traps Batman and Robin.
3:26 PMBatman - The Penguin Declines: Joker turns Gotham's water into gelatin; Penguin woos Venus.
3:57 PMBatman - That Darn Catwoman: Catwoman transforms Robin into a criminal.
4:28 PMBatman - Scat, Darn Catwoman: Batman slips Robin an antidote.
4:59 PMBatman - Penguin Is a Girl's Best Friend: Batman and Robin interrupt the Penguin's filming of a movie.
5:30 PMThe Punisher: An FBI agent seeks revenge for murder of his family. Based on the comic book.
8:00 PMKill Bill: Vol. 2: An assassin confronts her former boss and his gang.
11:00 PMKill Bill: Vol. 2: An assassin confronts her former boss and his gang.