18 September 2014

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11:00 PMWhite T: Herbert and Henry need help from a cast of characters to recover their prize-winning T-shirt.
12:40 AMSex With a Vampire: A woman finds passion with a mysterious, shadowy figure.
2:00 AMElegy: A beautiful student awakens feelings of sexual possessiveness in an aging professor.
4:00 AMFriends & Lovers: On a ski trip an estranged man and son reunite, and the son's tag-along friends search for love.
5:55 AMThe Crew: Four retired gangsters concoct a scheme to keep the rent low.
7:30 AMNixon: Feelings of inferiority haunt the 37th president.
10:45 AMGosford Park: When a murder occurs during a hunting party in England, guests and servants must remain inside.
1:05 PMWelcome to the Punch: A notorious criminal's return to London gives a detective a final chance to bring him to justice.
2:45 PMBetween Us: Two couples discover that drastic changes have occurred in their lives since they last met.
4:30 PMIt's a Disaster: Four couples having Sunday brunch discover the world is ending.
6:00 PMSave the Last Dance: A white teen falls for a black student who also loves dance.
8:00 PMThe Truman Show: A man's life is arranged for him, captured on hidden cameras and broadcast internationally.
10:00 PMDeep Impact: A reporter stumbles upon a story about a massive comet on a collision course with Earth.
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