22 March 2017

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10:15 PMHombre: An Apache-raised white man rises as the leader of stagecoach passengers stopped by outlaws.
12:15 AMTouch of Evil: Extended: A U.S. sheriff frames a man for a border-town murder and kidnaps a Mexican's wife.
2:15 AMKansas City Confidential: An ex-convict is framed for a bank holdup done by a police captain and men wearing masks.
4:15 AMThe Honeymoon Killers: Two killers prey on lonely widows in the 1940s.
6:30 AMBonnie and Clyde: Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow become 1930s outlaw lovers.
8:45 AMThe Petrified Forest: An intellectual and others are held hostage by a gangster at an Arizona gas station/diner.
10:15 AMKey Largo: A gangster holds a GI and others hostage in a run-down Florida Keys hotel.
12:15 PMStrangers on a Train: Psychopath and tennis star meet in a club car and plot that each will murder someone for the other.
2:15 PMThe Third Man: Visiting postwar Vienna, a writer of pulp Westerns probes the suspicious death of an old friend.
4:00 PMThe Stranger: A federal agent finds a Nazi war criminal married to a judge's daughter and teaching in New England.
6:00 PMCasablanca: A cynical nightclub owner protects an old flame and her husband from Nazis in Morocco.
8:00 PMGojira: A giant fire-breathing monster emerges from the sea and rampages through Tokyo.
10:00 PMKing Kong: A gigantic ape escapes his captors and carries a blonde up the Empire State Building.
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