1 August 2014

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11:00 PMAFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Jane Fonda: The award-winning actress is honored.
12:15 AMKlute: A detective ties a friend's disappearance to a Manhattan call girl and a killer pervert.
2:15 AMAny Wednesday: Another guy spoils a married New York businessman's tax-deductible weekly visits to his mistress.
4:15 AMTout va Bien: A disillusioned filmmaker and his young radical wife deal with social upheaval in the 1960s.
6:00 AMDodsworth: An industrialist and his frivolous wife retire to Europe, where their marriage ends.
8:00 AMThe Charge of the Light Brigade: British Lancers vow revenge after villainous Surat Khan slaughters everyone at their outpost.
10:00 AMThe Way Ahead: A British subaltern leads raw recruits against Rommel's troops in North Africa.
12:00 PMBachelor Mother: An unmarried store clerk finds a baby on a doorstep and is quickly mistaken for its mother.
1:30 PMThe Toast of New Orleans: An opera diva's manager cultivates a singing bayou fisherman suddenly in love.
3:15 PM55 Days at Peking: Soldiers from 11 countries and a Marine major guard a besieged compound during the Boxer Rebellion.
6:00 PMPlease Don't Eat the Daisies: A New York drama critic moves his wife and four boys to an old mansion in the country.
8:00 PMThe Pink Panther: Clumsy Inspector Jacques Clouseau chases a jewel thief and his nephew.
10:00 PMAround the World in 80 Days: A Victorian bets that he can circle the globe in 80 days.