6 May 2015

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11:00 PMNellyville - We All We Got  : The family goes on a skiing getaway and Nelly surprises his father with a family portrait.
12:00 AMThe Wendy Williams Show - Unusually Thicke: Alan Thicke (``Unusually Thicke''); Wendy's Spring Cha-Ching sweepstakes; hot topics.
1:00 AMThe Real - Real Love: A Tribute to Moms Week  : Edwina Findley Dickerson (`` If Loving You Is Wrong''); a mom gets a makeover.
2:00 AMThe Wayans Bros. - Farmer's Daughter: The boys turn their country cousin into a hip-hop knockout.
2:30 AMThe Wayans Bros. - Psycho Santa: A Santa-clad gunman takes the gang hostage.
3:00 AMThe Wayans Bros. - The Ghetto Gourmets: Shawn and Marlon help Pops with a cooking segment on a TV show.
3:30 AMThe Wayans Bros. - The Odd Couples: Tired of each other's bad habits, Shawn and Marlon get new roommates.
4:00 AMBET Inspiration: Black ministers; gospel and religious events.
4:30 AMRev. Peter Popoff
5:00 AMBET Inspiration: Black ministers; gospel and religious events.
5:30 AMRev. Peter Popoff
6:00 AMBET Inspiration: Black ministers; gospel and religious events.
7:30 AMRev. Peter Popoff
8:00 AMThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - P.S. I Love You: Will can't resist accepting money and luxury gifts from a young woman.
8:40 AMThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Here Comes the Judge: Will gets arrested for numerous parking tickets as Phil runs for judge.
9:20 AMThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Boyz in the Woods: Disaster strikes when reluctant Will joins Uncle Phil and Carlton on a wilderness camping trip.
10:00 AMHouse Party 3: Rap buddies part ways when one meets disapproval from the other's future in-laws.
12:30 PMOur Family Wedding: Two overbearing men wreak havoc with their children's wedding plans.
3:00 PMReal Husbands of Hollywood - Hell of a Fundraiser  : Kevin's new crush and house; Nick's new network; JB's new wheels; Duane's project with Tisha.
3:36 PMThe Janky Promoters: Shady concert promoters get in over their heads with a big-name music act.
6:23 PMSet It Off: Desperation drives four inner-city women to bank robbery in Los Angeles.
9:52 PMSingle Ladies - Gone  : The women cope with grim news about Raquel; Terrence gets harassed by police.
11:00 PMSingle Ladies - Remix  : The district attorney visits Keisha in jail seeking information on Malcolm.
12:00 AMLocal Programming