28 July 2015

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11:30 PMThe Story of Seabiscuit: An Irish trainer and his niece come to America and turn a lowly racehorse into a champion.
1:15 AMA Kiss for Corliss: An innocent teenager wants people to think she is having an affair with a playboy.
2:45 AMFixer Dugan: A circus trouble-shooter flirts with the lion tamer between Midwestern shows.
4:00 AMThe Big Circus: A circus man's show goes on under the scrutiny of a bank examiner and with help from a PR woman.
6:15 AMThe Thin Man: Sophisticated Nick and Nora Charles solve a murder mystery with their wire-haired terrier, Asta.
8:00 AMAfter the Thin Man: Urbane Nick and Nora Charles look for a cousin's missing husband and find murder.
10:00 AMAnother Thin Man: Nick and Nora Charles visit a Long Island estate, where Nick drinks Scotch and solves murders.
11:45 AMSummer Holiday: A publisher's son courts a girl in circa-1900 Connecticut.
1:30 PMIn the Good Old Summertime: The more co-workers fight in a Chicago music store, the more they fall in love as secret pen pals.
3:15 PMThe Long, Long Trailer: Newlyweds splurge on a trailer for their honeymoon, which includes Yosemite National Park.
5:00 PMToo Young to Kiss: A pianist poses as a teenage prodigy to fool a concert impresario who has snubbed her.
6:30 PMGive a Girl a Break: Three hopefuls compete to star in a Broadway show after the leading lady walks out.
8:00 PMAlways for Pleasure: The streets of New Orleans come alive with festivals, parades and music.
9:15 PMSpend It All
10:15 PMDry Wood: A portrait of black Creole life in the Louisiana Delta.
11:00 PMYum, Yum, Yum! A Taste of Cajun and Creole Cooking
11:45 PMGarlic Is As Good as Ten Mothers: A history on garlic and its many uses.
12:45 AMLocal Programming