4 September 2015

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11:30 PMReap the Wild Wind: A lawyer rivals and a sea captain fight for a salvage-ship heiress among Key West shipwreckers.
1:45 AMCanyon Passage: A gambling banker and his buddy love the same woman, leading to murder and an Indian uprising.
3:30 AMTulsa: A cattle rancher's daughter turns Oklahoma wildcatter with a geologist and an Indian as partners.
5:00 AMThey Won't Believe Me: A stockbroker tells the court how his rich wife and one of two girlfriends died.
6:30 AMSmash-Up: The Story of a Woman: A nightclub singer turns alcoholic after quitting her career to marry a rising singer.
8:15 AMDeadline at Dawn: A cabby helps a New York dance-hall girl look for clues to clear a sailor framed for murder.
9:45 AMGirls on Probation: A lawyer falls for a shopgirl whose co-worker gets her into trouble with the law.
11:00 AMMGM Parade: Pete Smith; Susan Hayward; host George Murphy.
11:45 AMA Star Is Born: The more famous his wife gets, the more a matinee idol drinks.
1:45 PMShow People: A Southern girl comes to Hollywood, falls for a slapstick comic and becomes a star. Silent.
3:15 PMMake Me a Star: An actress gets an aspiring actor a role in a Western comedy.
4:45 PMWhat Price Hollywood?: A director on a drunken slide makes a Brown Derby waitress a star.
6:30 PMGoing Hollywood: A girls-school teacher follows a crooner to Hollywood and replaces his sultry co-star.
8:00 PMThe Bank Dick: A lazy family man accidentally captures a crook and is given a job as bank detective.
9:30 PMIt's a Gift: A man buys a California orange grove by mail and drives out with his family to run it.
11:00 PMYou Can't Cheat an Honest Man: The owner of a circus plays Cupid for his daughter and his ventriloquist.
12:30 AMLocal Programming