9 July 2014

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11:15 PMDo You Love Me?: The prim dean of a music school discovers swing with a singer and a big-band leader.
1:00 AMSitting Pretty: Suburban parents of three bratty boys find a new baby sitter: know-it-all Mr. Belvedere.
2:30 AMOur Man in Havana: British intelligence asks a vacuum-cleaner salesman to spy in Cuba.
4:30 AMA King in New York: The ex-king of Estrovia alarms witch hunters.
6:15 AMLady L: An 80-year-old Frenchwoman recalls her adventures with a French anarchist and a British lord.
8:15 AMOperation Crossbow: A British commando and his team pinpoint a Nazi rocket base.
10:15 AMMore Than a Miracle: A 17th-century Spanish prince falls for a peasant instead of one of his mother's seven princesses.
12:00 PMA Fine Pair: A New York police captain helps an Italian beauty return some stolen jewels to a safe in Austria.
2:00 PMDon't Make Waves: A reckless beauty runs a tourist off the road, then brings him to her lover's Malibu beach house.
3:45 PMCome September: American catches Italian caretaker in mischief.
5:45 PMNever So Few: A U.S. captain loves an arms merchant's mistress and leads troops from Burma into China.
8:00 PMRuggles of Red Gap: Old West Americans win an earl's butler in a Paris poker game and bring him home.
9:45 PMStep Lively, Jeeves: Two con men use an English butler in their plot to swindle a U.S. crime boss.
11:15 PMHoly Matrimony: British painter plays dead, poses as his valet.