2 June 2015

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11:45 PMSplit Second: An escaped killer holds a doctor's wife and others hostage at an atomic-bomb test site in Nevada.
1:30 AMYou Can't Run Away From It: A newsman rides a bus, hitchhikes and shares a cabin with a tycoon's runaway daughter.
3:15 AMYou Were Never Lovelier: Dancer takes credit for tycoon's gifts to daughter.
5:00 AMThe Belle of New York: A playboy falls for a Bowery mission worker in 1890s New York.
6:30 AMThe Private Life of Don Juan: The legendary Spanish lover tries to carry on as before, despite middle age.
8:00 AMThe Scarlet Pimpernel: London dandy Sir Percy dons disguises to save French nobles from the Reign of Terror guillotine.
9:45 AMThe Divorce of Lady X: Barrister stays with mystery woman.
11:30 AMWuthering Heights: Emily Bront's gothic heroine Cathy loves stableboy Heathcliff but marries squire Edgar.
1:15 PMOver the Moon: A young woman's $90 million inheritance drives out her fiance and draws fortune hunters.
2:45 PM'Til We Meet Again: A dying woman and condemned man fall in love on a ship from Hong Kong to San Francisco.
4:30 PMAffectionately Yours: A global reporter tries to win back his wife and is wooed by a colleague in the process.
6:00 PMLydia: An elderly woman recalls her suitors: a football hero, a doctor, a blind musician and a sailor.
8:00 PMPin Up Girl: A Missouri stenographer poses as a Broadway star to impress a sailor and is asked to perform.
9:30 PMGilda: A Buenos Aires casino owner hires a gambler who once had an affair with his alluring wife.
11:30 PMZiegfeld Girl: An elevator operator, a vaudevillian and a violinist's wife cope with sudden fame as chorus girls.