25 September 2017

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11:30 PMThe Man Who Watched Trains Go By: A Dutch clerk flees to Paris with his crooked boss's money and meets the woman behind the man.
1:15 AMThe Ladykillers: A toothy British crook and his gang involve their daffy landlady in a bank caper.
3:00 AMTwist of Fate: An ex-chorus girl lives on the Riviera, supported by a married man she doesn't know is a crook.
4:45 AMA Shot in the Dark: Clumsy Inspector Clouseau visits a nudist camp to prove a French maid innocent of murder.
6:45 AMFrom the Earth to the Moon: Industrial rivals, a crewman and a stowaway girl ride a rocket launched by cannon in 1868 Florida.
8:30 AMWorld Without End: An astronaut and his buddies land on 26th-century Earth and find men meek and women friendly.
10:00 AMCosmic Monsters: Huge insects from Planet X invade Earth after a scientist blows a hole in the ozone layer.
11:15 AMThe Green Slime: Two space-station astronauts destroy an asteroid, then face monsters formed from viscous cells.
1:00 PMFive Million Years to Earth: Professor Quatermass finds dead insect men in a martian spaceship unearthed in the London subway.
2:45 PMForbidden Planet: Astronaut and crew land on Altair-4 in 2200.
4:30 PMQueen of Outer Space: Earthmen land in 1985 on all-female Venus, run by a queen who hates men.
6:00 PM2010: The man behind the 2001 space odyssey joins a U.S./Soviet mission.
8:00 PMThe Barretts of Wimpole Street: Victorian poet Robert Browning courts invalid poet Elizabeth Barrett despite her stern father.
10:00 PMA Farewell to Arms: A U.S. ambulance driver falls in love with an English nurse during World War I.
12:45 AMLocal Programming