26 June 2017

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11:00 PMLockup: Oakland- Extended Stay - Church of Enemies  : An inmate's outgoing personality comes in handy; a gang member's injuries leave him vulnerable.
12:00 AMLockup: Cincinnati- Extended Stay - Sucker Punch  : An inmate is assaulted; a young inmate gets a crash course on surviving in jail.
1:00 AMLockup: Cincinnati- Extended Stay - Message in a Bottle  : An assault leads to a bloody inmate; inmate makes a daring escape; another decides to make a change.
2:00 AMLockup: Raw - Never a Dull Moment: Long periods of monotony are broken up by brief moments of terror.
3:00 AMLockup: Raw - Severed Ties: One inmate takes a grim field trip; an inmate offers clues to an Ohio sex slave mystery.
4:00 AMMeet the Press: A moderator interviews a leading public figure.
5:00 AMFirst Look
6:00 AMMorning Joe
9:00 AMMSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle
10:00 AMMSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson
11:00 AMMSNBC Live with Velshi and Ruhle
12:00 PMAndrea Mitchell Reports
1:00 PMMSNBC Live With Craig Melvin
2:00 PMMSNBC Live
3:00 PMMSNBC Live with Ali Velshi
4:00 PMDeadline: White House
5:00 PMMTP Daily
6:00 PMFor the Record With Greta
7:00 PMHardball With Chris Matthews
8:00 PMAll In With Chris Hayes
9:00 PMThe Rachel Maddow Show
10:00 PMThe Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell
11:00 PMThe 11th Hour With Brian Williams
12:00 AMLocal Programming