22 August 2014

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11:00 PMBridget Jones's Diary: An outrageous British woman falls for two men. Based on a book by Helen Fielding.
1:00 AMGarfunkel and Oates - Speechless  : Riki and Kate go on dates without talking to see if men are attracted to women who don't speak.
1:30 AMPortlandia - Celery: A celery salesman goes to great lengths to have celery become more popular; a fed up office worker.
2:00 AMSaw V: As the apparently last disciple of Jigsaw, Hoffman goes on the hunt to protect his secret.
4:00 AMSkinwalkers: A half-blood boy is at the center of a battle between two groups of werewolves.
6:00 AMWhitest Kids U'Know: John Cleese Sketch; Planet Earth Choke; Dad Wired Shut; A Is For; We Live In Garbage.
6:15 AMThe Three Stooges - What's the Matador?  : Matador Stooges tangle with a jealous husband.
6:40 AMThe Three Stooges - Who Done It?  : The boys protect a tycoon from a gang.
7:05 AMThe Three Stooges - Woman Haters: The boys -- as three traveling salesmen -- vow never to wed.
7:30 AMBatman - The Greatest Mother of Them All: The infamous Ma Parker is jailed after raiding a Ladies Auxiliary gathering.
8:00 AMBatman - Ma Parker: Ma Parker wreaks havoc by masterminding crimes from her prison cell.
8:30 AMMalcolm in the Middle - Mrs. Tri-County: The boys secretly enter Lois in a beauty pageant as a joke.
9:00 AMMalcolm in the Middle - Burning Man: Malcolm and Reese try to sneak off to the Burning Man festival.
9:30 AMKung Pow: Enter the Fist: A chosen warrior uses martial arts to battle various enemies and his evil nemesis.
11:15 AMCaddyshack: Oddballs and gophers undermine a country-club caddy out to win a college scholarship.
1:30 PMPoltergeist: A suburban couple's little girl is drawn from her bedroom into a nightmarish other dimension.
4:00 PMBatman - Surf's Up! Joker's Under!: The Joker plans to become a surfing champion.
4:30 PMBatman - The Londinium Larcenies: Lord Ffogg pumps mist from his pipe to conceal thefts.
5:00 PMBatman - The Foggiest Notion: Batman faces battles with a thief who has stolen valuable museum pieces.
5:30 PMBatman - The Bloody Tower: Batman heads to Ffogg's estate to rescue Batgirl.
6:00 PMApocalypto: As the end of the Mayan civilization draws near, a captive man makes a desperate bid to escape.
9:00 PMApocalypto: As the end of the Mayan civilization draws near, a captive man makes a desperate bid to escape.
12:00 AMLocal Programming