26 July 2016

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11:00 PMLaw & Order - Boy on Fire: When a student's burning body is found, Lupo and Bernard question the young person he mentored.
12:00 AMLaw & Order - Brilliant Disguise: A woman's body is found stashed on a food service cart in a hotel.
1:00 AMLaw & Order - Innocence: After a man is found guilty of a hate crime, The Innocence Collective tries to prove his innocence.
2:00 AMLaw & Order - Four Cops Shot: Detectives Lupo and Bernard tackle a complex case when four police officers are shot.
3:00 AMLaw & Order - Brazil: Lupo and Bernard investigate when an environmental scientist is poisoned during a conference.
4:00 AMLaw & Order - Thrill: A murder suspect's confession is deemed out of bounds for prosecutors.
5:00 AMGrimm - Cold Blooded: A deadly crime spree; Adalind meets Prince Viktor, who is seeking justice for his cousin's demise.
6:00 AMCharmed - Sam I Am: Cole attacks the Charmed Ones hoping that they will vanquish him forever.
7:00 AMCharmed - Y Tu Mummy Tambien: A demon mummifies Phoebe's body to hold the spirit of his dead lover, Isis.
8:00 AMCharmed - The Importance of Being Phoebe: Cole kidnaps Phoebe and sends a shape-shifter in her place to manipulate Paige and Piper.
9:00 AMSupernatural - Mystery Spot: The day of a tragic shooting repeats itself.
10:00 AMSupernatural - Jus in Bello: Sam and Dean break into Bela's apartment to get the Colt back.
11:00 AMSupernatural - Ghostfacers: Sam and Dean take a break from their usual gig to star in a reality show.
12:00 PMSupernatural - Long-Distance Call: Dean is stunned when he gets a call from his dad, who says he has a way to get Dean out of his deal.
1:00 PMBones - The Man on Death Row: Brennan and Booth race the clock to tie up loose ends before an execution.
2:00 PMBones - The Girl in the Fridge: A girl's decomposed remains are found in a refrigerator, Brennan confronts her former mentor.
3:00 PMBones - The Man in the Fallout Shelter: Zack cuts into a bone and accidentally releases deadly fungus spores.
4:00 PMCastle - The Wild Rover: When a body is discovered in an industrial cake mixer, the murder is traced to an Irish gang.
5:00 PMCastle - The Lives of Others: Castle believes he witnesses a murder in the apartment across the street.
6:00 PMCastle - The Fast and the Furriest: Beckett and Castle discover giant footprints at the site of a vicious murder.
7:00 PMCastle - The Squab and the Quail: While Beckett protects a charming billionaire, she reflects on her relationship with Castle.
8:00 PMCastle - Still: When Beckett steps on a pressure-sensitive bomb, the team searches for a way to save her.
9:00 PMCastle - The Human Factor: When a government whistleblower is murdered, Homeland Security tries to take over the case.
10:00 PMMajor Crimes - Cashed Out: Julio Sanchez's application to become a foster parent is jeopardized by his reaction to a murder.
11:00 PMMajor Crimes - Tourist Trap: The city's tourist industry is threatened by a journalist when a pair of tourists are attacked.
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