30 March 2015

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10:15 PMBroadcast News: A reporter, a producer and an anchorman form a triangle in a TV-network news bureau.
12:45 AMNetwork: A TV executive boosts her ratings with a mad anchorman who thinks he speaks for God.
3:00 AMWhile the City Sleeps: Three New York newsmen use women and a reporter to find a so-called Lipstick Killer.
4:45 AMThe Killer Is Loose: A bank clerk escapes from prison to kill a Los Angeles policeman's wife.
6:00 AMPlease Don't Eat the Daisies: A New York drama critic moves his wife and four boys to an old mansion in the country.
8:00 AMThe Courtship of Eddie's Father: A widower's 6-year-old son tries to find him the right kind of wife.
10:00 AMA Ticklish Affair: A Navy commander answers an SOS flashing from a window in a San Diego widow's house.
11:30 AMThe Secret of My Success: Women and his mother help an English constable rise to ruler of a banana republic.
1:30 PMAdvance to the Rear: Union misfits head west, where they meet a Rebel spy.
3:15 PMSol Madrid: An undercover drug agent tracks a former mobster to Acapulco and finds a heroin operation.
4:45 PMThe Poseidon Adventure: Clergyman leads capsized-liner survivors to high point.
6:45 PMThe MGM Story: Lionel Barrymore and Dore Schary present the studio's releases for 1951, including ``Quo Vadis.''
8:00 PMZazie Dans le Mtro: A girl causes chaos on the streets of Paris after she runs away from her transvestite uncle.
10:00 PMAu Revoir, Les Enfants: A French schoolboy befriends a new boy hiding from Nazis.
12:00 AMLocal Programming