28 September 2016

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10:10 PMHouse on Haunted Hill: A mogul offers guests money to stay in a haunted asylum. Based on the story by Robb White.
12:15 AMBride of Chucky: Animated by a vicious killer's spirit, a battered doll and its mate seek help to regain human form.
2:20 AMRuPaul's All Stars Drag Race - Drag Movie Shequels
3:15 AMRuPaul's All Stars Drag Race - Revenge of the Queens: The queens must perform a stand-up comedy routine for judgmental drag queens.
4:10 AMThe A-List: New York - All Fired Up: Austin and Derek try getting some much needed rest but tension between them mounts.
5:05 AMThe A-List: New York - Texting and Tears: While Reichen tries to focus on other sources of income, Rodiney makes a shocking discovery.
6:00 AMAbsolutely Fabulous - Hospital: Edina needs minor surgery, so Patsy tags along for a face lift.
6:40 AMAbsolutely Fabulous - Death: When her father dies, Edina decides she needs a legacy of her own.
7:20 AMAbsolutely Fabulous - Morocco: Edina and Saffy tag along when Patsy has a photo shoot in Morocco.
8:00 AMSoap: Jessica brings her lover, Detective Donahue, home and is confronted by Chester.
8:30 AMSoap: Jessica is torn; Mary forgives Burt; the baby is possessed.
9:00 AMSoap: Corinne sets out to bring Tim back from his cave; Burt has an encounter with a UFO.
9:30 AMSoap: Corinne's baby begins speaking in Latin and Greek and throws Tim across the room.
10:00 AMSoap: The Tates try to exorcise Corinne's baby; Billy is kidnapped by members of a religious cult.
10:30 AMAll in the Family - Archie's Brief Encounter: Archie finds himself in a compromising situation with an attractive waitress.
11:00 AMAll in the Family - Archie's Brief Encounter: An attractive waitress's flirtations with Archie lead him to trouble on the home front.
11:30 AMAll in the Family - Archie's Brief Encounter: Edith forgives Archie after Mike and Gloria bring the two together for an emotional reunion.
12:00 PMAll in the Family - The Unemployment Story: Archie's self esteem takes a beating as he loses his job on the loading docks.
12:32 PMAll in the Family - The Unemployment Story: A trip to the supermarket intensifies Archie's feeling of frustration over his unemployment.
1:05 PMThree's Company - Stanley, the Ladies' Man: Roper invites Jack and the girls to a surprise disco party for Helen.
1:38 PMThree's Company - Love Thy Neighbor: Chrissy catches Jack working as a paid escort.
2:11 PMThree's Company - The New Landlord: The threesome accidentally sells the new landlord's furniture.
2:44 PMThree's Company - Snow Job: Chrissy tries to sell cosmetics at Ralph Furley's poker game.
3:17 PMThree's Company - Jack the Ripper: Jack sheds his Mr. Nice Guy image with the help of some assertiveness training.
3:50 PMRoseanne - Terms of Estrangement: Dan's motorcycle business fails; Becky mulls relocating with Mark.
4:22 PMRoseanne - Terms of Estrangement: Dan feels like a failure after losing the bike shop; newlyweds Mark and Becky return for a visit.
4:55 PMRoseanne - The Dark Ages: The power company disconnects power to the Conner home when Roseanne fails to pay the electric bill.
5:27 PMRoseanne - Mommy Nearest: Roseanne's mom wants to move to Lanford; Jackie dates a younger guy.
6:00 PMSleeping With the Enemy: The battered wife of a yuppie neat-freak fakes her death at sea and flees from Cape Cod to Iowa.
8:30 PMSleeping With the Enemy: The battered wife of a yuppie neat-freak fakes her death at sea and flees from Cape Cod to Iowa.
11:00 PMMy Best Friend's Wedding: A woman tries to ruin her friend's marriage plans.