23 September 2017

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11:25 PMMama's Family - Naomi's New Position: Naomi's boss wants to trade favors for a promotion.
12:00 AMAlice - Tommy's First Love: Alice and Tommy argue over his constant phone usage calling his new girlfriend.
12:30 AMAlice - Mel Grows Up: Mel's pushy mother, Carrie, stops by Phoenix to visit and Mel finds it hard to stand up to her.
1:00 AMAlice - Vera's Broken Heart: Vera's broken heart is cured by her three friends and a delivery boy.
1:30 AMAlice - Alice's Decision: A case of the hiccups nixes Alice's chance of breaking into show business.
2:00 AMAlice - The Last Stow It: Mel finds a buyer for the diner and decides to start living the good life.
2:30 AMAlice - The Last Stow It: Alice assumes an old disguise to get the diner back.
3:00 AMAlice - If the Shoe Fits: Alice auditions for a role in a local theatrical production and winds up falling for the director.
3:30 AMAlice - My Fair Vera: Vera makes an unsuccessful attempt at breaking into show business.
4:00 AMThree's Company - Jack Moves Out: Angry Jack moves out of the apartment.
4:30 AMThree's Company - Triangle Troubles: Jack pretends he lives alone when he falls for a woman he believes is old-fashioned.
5:00 AMThree's Company - Jack on the Lam: Jack disguises himself as Chrissy to avoid FBI agents who are on his trail.
5:30 AMThree's Company - Stanley, the Ladies' Man: Roper invites Jack and the girls to a surprise disco party for Helen.
6:00 AMThree's Company - Love Thy Neighbor: Chrissy catches Jack working as a paid escort.
6:30 AMThree's Company - The New Landlord: The threesome accidentally sells the new landlord's furniture.
7:00 AMThree's Company - Snow Job: Chrissy tries to sell cosmetics at Ralph Furley's poker game.
7:30 AMThree's Company - Jack the Ripper: Jack sheds his Mr. Nice Guy image with the help of some assertiveness training.
8:00 AMMama's Family - The Really Loud Family: Bubba videotapes his family for a class project.
8:30 AMMama's Family - Many Unhappy Returns: Mama mistakenly believes that Vint bought her an expensive bracelet.
9:00 AMMama's Family - Found Money: Greed overtakes Mama when she gets $800 from a malfunctioning bank teller machine.
9:30 AMMama's Family - My Mama, Myself: Mama has visions of her overbearing mother.
10:00 AMMama's Family - Full House: Mama disrupts Vint's plans to join an elite poker club.
10:30 AMMama's Family - Bedtime for Bubba: Mama suspects Bubba of more than studying with a pretty classmate.
11:00 AMMama's Family - What a Dump: Mama's home may be demolished to make way for a new landfill.
11:30 AMMama's Family - Mama Bell: An answering machine and a stray dog give Mama the wrong idea.
12:00 PMAlice - Has Anyone Here Seen Telly?: Telly Savalas stops into the diner to use the phone when Vera is there alone, no one believes her.
12:34 PMAlice - Mona Lisa Alice: Mel orders the waitresses to smile at all times, but Tommy's matchmaking make Alice angry.
1:07 PMAlice - Mel Loves Marie: Mel proposes to Marie and decides to get a prenuptial agreement drawn up, but she won't sign.
1:40 PMAlice - Vera Robs the Cradle: Tommy develops a crush on Vera after going out on a ``date'' with her.
2:13 PMAlice - Flo's Chili Reception: Mel thinks a rival is dating Flo to get a chili recipe.
2:46 PMAlice - Little Alice Bluenose: Alice is shocked to learn that her new beau is posing nude in art classes.
3:19 PMAlice - Carrie Sharples Strikes Again: Bedridden from a bad back, Mel lets his mother run the diner and she doubles the business.
3:51 PMRoseanne - Hair: Roseanne keeps her new job sweeping floors in a beauty parlor despite her humiliation.
4:21 PMRoseanne - I'm Hungry: Roseanne and Dan sneak snacks while exercising to lose weight.
4:55 PMRoseanne - All of Me: Jackie's new romance seems to be getting serious, until Roseanne interferes.
5:28 PMRoseanne - To Tell the Truth: Roseanne and Jackie stop speaking to each other because of Jackie's new romance.
6:00 PMRoseanne - Fender Bender: After they are both involved in a fender bender, Roseanne tells her former employer, a thing or two.
6:30 PMRoseanne - April Fool's Day: Dan and Roseanne are in a panic to get their tax returns filed by deadline.
7:00 PMRoseanne - Fathers and Daughters: Roseanne forces Dan to take Becky to the mall to bond with her as she tries to bond with Darlene.
7:30 PMRoseanne - Happy Birthday: Roseanne wants to become a writer but can't find a quiet place to work.
8:00 PMMarried ... With Children - If Al Had a Hammer: Al builds an extra room to get space away from a pregnant Peg.
8:35 PMMarried ... With Children - Cheese, Cues and Blood: A suspicious Al learns Kelly is earning money by hustling pool.
9:09 PMMarried ... With Children - Looking for a Desk in All the Wrong Places: Marcy tries to recover her valuable furniture, which Jefferson sold to raise gambling money.
9:43 PMMarried ... With Children - Buck Has a Belly Ache: A pregnant Peg returns to her family when Buck is the only one getting sympathy at home.
10:17 PMMarried ... With Children - If I Could See Me Now: Al experiences a crisis when it appears he must get eyeglasses.
10:51 PMMarried ... With Children - Kelly Does Hollywood: Kelly goes to Hollywood, and quickly lands her own television show.
11:25 PMMarried ... With Children - Kelly Does Hollywood: Kelly faces difficulties while starring in her own Hollywood television show.
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