4 October 2015

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11:30 PMMartin - Wedding Bell Blues: Martin and Gina change their wedding plans; guest David Alan Grier.
12:00 AMMartin - Wedding Bell Blues: Martin and Gina surprise everyone when they regain control of their wedding plans.
12:30 AMMartin - Martin in the Corner Pocket: Newlywed Martin loses more than his shirt during a night out with the guys.
1:00 AMMartin - Kill Him With Kindness: Momma Payne misunderstands when Gina buys a life insurance policy for Martin.
1:30 AMMartin - Blow, Baby, Blow: Martin's music producer friend searches for a new back-up singer; guest Biggie Smalls.
2:00 AMMartin - Ring a Ding, Ding, Gone: Martin loses his wedding ring.
2:30 AMMartin - Love T.K.O.: Lovelorn friends sidetrack Martin and Gina's plan for a romantic weekend alone.
3:00 AMMartin - He Say, She Say: Cole falls for a pretty woman who appeared on ``America's Most Wanted.''
3:30 AMMartin - Uptown Friday Night: Cole gets mugged, losing Martin's gift to Gina; guests Salt N' Pepa.
4:00 AMMartin - Power to the People's Court: After a fender bender, Sheneneh summons Tommy to court; guest Mark Curry.
4:30 AMMartin - Auction: Martin gives away an annoying wedding gift that may be priceless.
5:00 AMMartin - Daddy Dearest: A father-son rivalry erupts when Tommy's military dad (John Amos) visits.
5:30 AMMartin - One Flew Over the Hoochie's Nest: A look-alike cousin escapes from a mental hospital and assumes Pam's identity.
6:00 AMMartin - Goin' for Mine: Pam lands a job at a recording company owned by Martin's old friend.
6:30 AMMartin - Stake-out: A police stakeout interrupts Pam's birthday bash; guest Keith Sweat.
7:00 AMMartin - California, Here We Come: A TV talk-show job-offer allows Martin to join Gina in Los Angeles.
7:30 AMMartin - California, Here We Come: A talk-show job-offer allows Martin to join Gina in Los Angeles.
8:00 AMMartin - Old School Loving: After Martin confronts Gina's boss over her long hours, she gets fired.
8:30 AMMartin - Cole on Ice: Cole loses his job, then gets hired by Martin; guest Charles Barkley.
9:00 AMMartin - Housekeeper From Hell: Martin and Gina hire a housekeeper (Marla Gibbs); guest Anthony Smith.
9:30 AMMartin - Three Homies and a Baby: Martin needs Cole and Tommy's help while baby-sitting a newborn.
10:00 AMMartin - Headin' for Trouble: Gina's head gets stuck in the headboard of her new brass bed.
10:30 AMMartin - Swing Thing: The Paynes attend a Christmas party where guests are swapping more than gifts.
11:00 AMMartin - The Bodyguard: Gina and Pam must enter witness protection with Otis as their bodyguard.
11:30 AMMartin - Green Card: Luis the landlord offers to pay Pam's back taxes for a price.
12:00 PMMartin - You're All I Need: Gina gets a sexy make-over to rekindle her relationship with Martin.
12:30 PMMartin - Kicked to the Curb: The Paynes become homeless when Martin's scheme for a bigger apartment backfires.
1:00 PMMartin - The Best of Martin: Clips of shows and outtakes; host Tisha Campbell.
1:30 PMMartin - The Love Jones Connection: Sheneneh lands a date on a television dating show.
2:00 PMMartin - Where the Party At?: Martin's friends shun his surprise birthday party; with Halle Berry, Salt-N-Pepa.
2:30 PMMartin - Homeo and Juliet: Martin gives ``Romeo and Juliet'' a homeboy interpretation after the star collapses.
3:00 PMMartin - The Cabin Show: Martin and Pam get lost in the woods when the gang goes hiking for the weekend.
3:30 PMMartin - The Tooth Will Set You Free: Pam goes on a blind date after undergoing hypnosis at the dentist.
4:00 PMMartin - Martin, I Wanna Sing: Martin becomes business manager for Pam's cousin, a talented singer.
4:30 PMMartin - DMV Blues: Martin confronts the DMV when he renews his driver's license; guest Sherman Hemsley.
5:00 PMMartin - Why Can't We Be Friends: Martin's friendship with Tommy is put to the test.
5:30 PMMartin - Why Can't We Be Friends: Martin learns Tommy has been injured in a car accident.
6:00 PMMartin - Your Arms Are Too Short to Box With Martin: Martin learns about discrimination when he contends with an angry group of little people.
6:30 PMMartin - Really, Gina's Not My Lover: Gina's makeover may embarrass Martin at his high-school reunion.
7:00 PMMartin - Got to Be There: When Gina leaves on a business trip, Martin tries to recapture his single lifestyle.
7:30 PMMartin - Control: Gina works in Sheneneh's salon to replace lost basketball tickets.
8:00 PMMartin - Hollywood Swingin': Frustrated with his lack of success, Martin quits his job to try his luck in Hollywood.
8:30 PMMartin - Hollywood Swingin': Martin turns a talk-show appearance into a spectacle; with Jodeci, Fred Berry.
9:00 PMMartin - Martin Gets Paid: Martin auditions for a television job.
9:30 PMMartin - Momma's Baby, Martin's Maybe: Martin befriends his old prom date's son and is led to believe the boy may be his own.
10:00 PMMartin - Get a Job: Martin recruits Gina to help spy on Tommy to find out what he does for a living.
10:30 PMMartin - C.R.E.A.M.: Martin and Gina invest in a restaurant co-owned by Stan; guest Hammer.
11:00 PMMartin - Romantic Weekend: Martin and Gina's romantic getaway doesn't turn out as planned.
11:30 PMMartin - Forever Sheneneh: Sheneneh wins a date with a rap star.
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