29 September 2016

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11:03 PMToddlers & Tiaras - Just Hit Somebody!: Top Model finds a last minute replacement for Mykel, so Landree and Addison are able to compete.
12:03 AMDance Kids ATL: Focuses on a dance studio and its talented and hardworking students in the competitive dance world.
1:03 AMToddlers & Tiaras: Game On - The One to Beat  : The results are in for the Gemstars Ultimate Diamond competition; with an unseen routine.
2:03 AMToddlers & Tiaras - The Birth Certificate, Part 2: A disastrous series of events leads to a shocking outcome on pageant day.
3:00 AMPeter Popoff Ministries: For over 30 years Reverend Peter Popoff has provided spiritual direction.
3:30 AMTree Dazzler - A Dazzling Light Show in Seconds!: Give your Christmas tree an amazing holiday light show with Tree Dazzler!
4:00 AMCountry Heat Live!: Fire up the fun and dance off the pounds with country music's best. Beachbody's all NEW workout!
4:30 AMShark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology - For Floors & Carpets: Without moving furniture and appliances, deep clean every nook and cranny in your home with Shark!
5:00 AMBISSELL CrossWave All-In-One-Multi-Surface-Cleaner: The new BISSELL CrossWave All-In-One multi-surface floor cleaner quickly and effortlessly cleans.
5:30 AMLarry King Special Report UPDATE: Larry King investigates Omega XL, the ultimate all natural solution for pain and inflammation.
6:00 AM90 Day Fianc - New Couples, New Journeys  : Six foreigners travel to the US to live with their overseas fiances for the first time.
7:00 AM90 Day Fianc - I'm Home America  : Evelin pushes to meet Justin's family; Yamir's manager reveals details of his private life.
8:00 AMFour Weddings - ... And the King of Rock & Roll  : Kalli has an Elvis impersonator on her guest list; Marie leads her bridal party in a Wedding Wobble.
9:00 AM90 Day Fianc - Life's a Beach  : Matt and Alla go on a double date with Matt's skeptical friend; Nicole travels to Azan's hometown.
10:00 AMHoarding: Buried Alive - A Humongous Secret: Severe debt and clutter has Dennis moments away from losing everything.
11:00 AMHoarding: Buried Alive - Overtaken by Puppets: A former ventriloquist turns her career into an obsession; Harold has trouble being a good father.
12:00 PMDateline: Real Life Mysteries - Buried Secrets  : The cold case of David Jackson's disappearance from Pembroke Pines, Fla. is reopened after 15 years.
1:00 PMDateline: Real Life Mysteries - The Plot Thickens  : Stuntman Garrett Warren is shot four times but survives; he may know who is trying to kill him.
2:00 PMDateline: Real Life Mysteries - Deadly Desire  : One woman's steamy affair with a handsome new boss leads to a dark and deadly turn.
3:00 PMFour Weddings - ... And a Wild Goose  : A show-stopping wedding; a rock & roll wedding; a fairytale wedding; a rustic wedding.
4:00 PMFour Weddings - ... And a Flying Trapeze  : A 50-foot descent from the ceiling; floating in on a canoe; tattoos; horse and carriage rides.
5:00 PMSay Yes to the Dress - If You've Got It, Flaunt It: A professional basketball player embraces her height; a comedian wants to show it all off.
5:30 PMSay Yes to the Dress - Apple of His Eye: Missy brings her opinionated brothers; a bride longs for her brother's approval.
6:00 PMSay Yes to the Dress - A Mother's Touch: Amanda is mourning a recent loss; Katy wants to use fabric from her late mother's dress.
6:30 PMSay Yes to the Dress - Not What I Was Expecting: Emily wants a traditional gown; Brittany wants to show off her bright red hair and tattoos.
7:00 PMMy 600-Lb. Life - Ashley's Story  : Ashley wants to achieve her goal of owning a childcare facility.
8:00 PMMy 600-Lb. Life - Charity's Story  : An overweight woman struggles with flesh-eating bacteria and butterfly shaped fat deposits.
9:00 PMMy 600-Lb. Life: Where Are They Now? - Chay and Pauline  : Pauline has a medical emergency; Chay admits to being a transgender woman.
11:01 PMMy 600-Lb. Life: Where Are They Now? - Chay and Pauline  : Pauline has a medical emergency; Chay admits to being a transgender woman.