13 February 2016

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10:00 PMKramer vs. Kramer: A New York adman fights for custody of his son after his wife walks out.
12:00 AMThe Deer Hunter: The horrors of Vietnam affect three Pennsylvania steelworkers, lifelong friends who serve together.
3:15 AMGoodFellas: An Irish-Italian hood joins the 1950s New York Mafia.
5:45 AMBloodbrothers: A Bronx teen strays from his family's male traditions.
7:45 AMDays of Heaven: Migrant lovers and a little sister con a rich wheat farmer in 1910s Texas.
9:30 AMThe Magnificent Seven: A man in black recruits six hired guns to lead Mexican villagers against the gang of an outlaw.
12:00 PMThe Americanization of Emily: A Navy officer, ordered to document the first D-Day fatality, wines and dines a London widow.
2:00 PMAnd the Oscar Goes To...: The history of the Academy Awards.
4:00 PMBest Friends: Hollywood screenwriters, happy as lovers, unwisely get married and go east to meet their in-laws.
6:00 PMHooper: An upstart pushes a veteran Hollywood stuntman, daring him to try a new stunt.
8:00 PMSteel Magnolias: Six Southern women gossip and kid around together, through good times and bad.
10:15 PMBeing There: The president and a power broker heed the utterings of a simple gardener who likes to watch TV.