29 April 2017

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11:00 PMThe Interview: The CIA recruits a tabloid-TV host and his producer to assassinate North Korea's Kim Jong Un.
1:30 AMLiar Liar: A boy's wish comes true that his neglectful father will not be able to tell a lie for 24 hours.
3:30 AMNew Girl - Sam, Again: When Nick gets a cold, Schmidt quarantines the roommates to prevent himself from getting sick.
4:00 AMNew Girl - 300 Feet: Jess tries to clear her name after receiving a restraining order from an ex-boyfriend.
4:30 AMNew Girl - Jeff Day: Jess' plan to use a male alter ego to buy a new car from a sexist salesman backfires.
5:00 AMEverybody Loves Raymond - The Dog: Robert and Ray fight over a stray bulldog similar to the one Ray was forced to give up as a child.
5:30 AMEverybody Loves Raymond - Neighbors: When Ray's parents bother everyone with their meddling, the neighbors turn to him to make them stop.
6:00 AMEverybody Loves Raymond - Fascinatin' Debra: When a radio psychologist (Mary Kay Adams) visits, Debra feels dull compared to the other Barones.
6:30 AMEverybody Loves Raymond - Why Are We Here?: Debra and Ray wonder why they ever moved across the street from his overbearing parents.
7:00 AMEverybody Loves Raymond - Ray's on TV: Ray's family lies to him about his guest appearance on a TV sports show.
7:30 AMMarried ... With Children - Christmas: To earn extra money for Christmas presents, Al becomes a department-store Santa.
8:00 AMMarried ... With Children - The Wedding Show: Everything goes wrong when the Bundys prepare to attend a cousin's wedding.
8:30 AMJack the Giant Slayer: A young farmhand unwittingly opens a portal between his land and a world of fearsome giants.
11:00 AMPirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides: Capt. Jack Sparrow encounters a woman from his past and sets sail to find the Fountain of Youth.
2:00 PMFriends - The One With the Sonogram at the End: Monica prepares for dinner with her parents; Ross' ex-wife is pregnant.
2:30 PMFriends - The One With the Thumb: Monica has trouble breaking up with a guy who is popular with her friends.
3:00 PMFriends - The One With George Stephanopoulos: Ross goes on about his ex-wife at the hockey game with the guys.
3:30 PMFriends - The One With the East German Laundry Detergent: Chandler and Phoebe plan to dump dates on the same night at the same coffee house.
4:00 PMFriends - The One With the Butt: An agent offers Joey a movie role; Chandler dates a liberal woman (Sofia Milos).
4:30 PM2 Broke Girls - And the Broken Hip: Caroline and Max try to remove a street performer from the entry of their shop.
5:00 PM2 Broke Girls - And Not-So-Sweet Charity: Max and Caroline try to save their cupcake shop by asking Caroline's rich-but-callous aunt for help.
5:30 PMThe Big Bang Theory - The Tenure Turbulence: The girls get involved when Leonard, Sheldon and Raj compete for tenure at the University.
6:00 PMThe Big Bang Theory - The Closure Alternative: Amy tries to help Sheldon get over his need for closure; Raj discovers a secret about Lucy.
6:30 PMThe Big Bang Theory - The Proton Resurgence: Leonard and Sheldon hire the host of their favorite childhood TV show to perform.
7:00 PMThe Big Bang Theory - The Love Spell Potential: Amy and Sheldon's relationship takes a surprising turn during a game of ``Dungeons & Dragons.''
7:30 PMThe Big Bang Theory - The Bon Voyage Reaction: When Leonard receives an opportunity to work overseas, Penny and Sheldon are thrown for a loop.
8:00 PMThe Big Bang Theory - The Hofstadter Insufficiency: Sheldon and Penny share secrets while Leonard is away; Wolowitz helps Raj get over his ex.
8:30 PMThe Big Bang Theory - The Deception Verification: Leonard and Sheldon's friendship is tested; Wolowitz's masculinity is threatened.
9:00 PMThe Big Bang Theory - The Scavenger Vortex: Raj designs a scavenger hunt that brings out the best -- and the worst -- in the whole gang.
9:30 PMThe Big Bang Theory - The Raiders Minimization: Sheldon wants revenge after Amy ruins one of his favorite films.
10:00 PMFull Frontal With Samantha Bee - NOT the Correspondents' Dinner  : Celebrating the free press, while there's still a free press to celebrate.
11:15 PMFull Frontal With Samantha Bee - NOT the Correspondents' Dinner  : Celebrating the free press, while there's still a free press to celebrate.
12:30 AMLocal Programming