1 August 2015

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11:30 PMCops: Cameras catch police in action as they confront crime and comfort victims.
12:00 AMJail: Florida, Nevada, and New Jersey jails.
12:30 AMJail: A young woman is brought in for battery of a police officer; a man is taken for urinating in public.
1:00 AMJail: A man is brought in for disorderly conduct; a man is booked for trespassing.
1:30 AMJail: The jails of Charlotte, N.C.; San Diego, Calif. and Portland, Ore.
2:00 AMJail: A woman is locked in to sober up; a man is restrained after trying to bite his fingers.
2:30 AMJail: The jails of Salt Lake City, Utah; Austin, Texas; Fort Worth, Texas.
3:00 AMJail: Facilities in San Diego, Multnomah County and Las Vegas deal with unruly characters.
3:30 AMJail: A look at jails in Las Vegas, Nev., Portland, Ore. and Tacoma, Wash.
4:00 AMKnife Show/Cutlery Corner
6:00 AMBosley Hair Restoration: Learn about BOSLEY'S permanent and natural-looking hair restoration solution.
6:30 AM21 DAY FIX
7:00 AMBreaking Bald: Discover the latest advancements in hair restoration - hair transplantation procedures and more.
7:30 AM21 DAY FIX
8:00 AMTry Total Gym for $14.95: Total Gym Fit is the only piece of fitness equipment you need to get into the best shape.
8:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
9:00 AMCatch a Contractor - Hack Attack!  : A contractor Adam and Skip have busted before is back at it again.
10:00 AMCatch a Contractor - The Wrongest Yard  : Plans for a dream backyard turn into a construction nightmare when the contractor flees.
11:00 AMCatch a Contractor - Jack of No Trades  : A family's kitchen and staircase is left in shambles by a contractor.
12:00 PMCatch a Contractor - Shred Bath and Be Gone  : A contractor rips out two bathrooms and flees with a family's money; bringing justice.
1:00 PMCatch a Contractor - Two Many Crooks in the Kitchen  : A woman hires two contractors to renovate her home so she can care for her ailing father.
2:00 PMCatch a Contractor - Dud Brothers  : Chasing a pair of contracting brothers to help a single father complete his man cave.
3:00 PMCops - Coast to Coast: A California officer detains a suspect who is hiding a sawed-off shotgun in his pants.
3:30 PMCops - Coast to Coast: Responding to a call about a fight at a local gas station.
4:00 PMCops - Chattanooga, TN; Spokane, WA; Martin County, FL: Bad Girls: An intoxicated woman tries to bite an officer; a woman gets creative concealing a crack pipe.
4:30 PMCops - Dangerous Arrests: Las Vegas officers respond to a bank robbery that leads to a car chase.
5:00 PMCops: Cameras catch police in action as they confront crime and comfort victims.
5:30 PMJail: A young woman is brought in for battery of a police officer; a man is taken for urinating in public.
6:00 PMCops - Coast to Coast: Officers pursue a parolee believed to be dangerous; a missing license plate leads to a drug arrest.
6:30 PMCops - Chases ... and Cars No. 2: A suspect abandons a stolen vehicle and escapes; a man claims a suspect threatened him with a gun.
7:00 PMCops - Chases & Stings: A suspect is caught throwing a white powdery substance out of a vehicle.
7:30 PMCops - Coast to Coast: An officer is forced to discharge his Taser gun during a domestic violence call.
8:00 PMCops - That's My Grill: When deputies turn a handcuffed teen over to paramedics, he makes a run for it.
8:30 PMCops - Liar, Liar No. 4: Las Vegas police respond to what is reported as a domestic violence call.
9:00 PMJail: Las Vegas: A man's outrageous behavior brought on by tequila; a woman attempts to sell drugs online; a DUI.
9:30 PMJail: A man is arrested for the harassment of homeless people; another man threatens a bouncer.
10:00 PMLip Sync Battle - Justin Bieber vs. Deion Sanders  : Singer-songwriter Justin Bieber lip syncs against football player Deion Sanders.
10:30 PMLip Sync Battle - Alison Brie vs. Will Arnett  : Actress Alison Brie lip syncs against actor Will Arnett.
11:00 PMLip Sync Battle - Victoria Justice vs. Gregg Sulkin  : Actress Victoria Justice lip syncs against actor Gregg Sulkin.
11:30 PMLip Sync Battle - Andy Cohen vs. Willie Geist  : Talk show host Andy Cohen lip syncs against television personality Willie Geist.
12:00 AMLocal Programming