28 August 2015

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11:00 PMStrike Back
12:00 AMStrike Back
12:50 AMLife on Top Feature 5: Animal Instincts: A compilation of episodes from the second season of the erotic series.
2:20 AMSmokin' Aces: Two FBI agents must protect an entertainer who has agreed to testify against the mob.
4:10 AMThe Girl's Guide to Depravity - The Breaking and Entering Rule  : Sam goes all out to pursue Ryan; Jason succeeds in melting his ice queen; Jenna seeks sweet revenge.
4:40 AMReturn to House on Haunted Hill: A treasure hunt leads a group of unsuspecting victims to a mansion inhabited by ghosts.
6:00 AMIt's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World: A police captain follows a mad dash for $350,000 buried under ``a big W.''
8:35 AMWorth Winning: A TV weatherman's buddy bets him he cannot talk three women into marriage, and prove it on video.
10:20 AMDreamgirls: After a manager gives them a shot at stardom, three singers learn about the high cost of fame.
12:35 PMThe Insider: A tobacco researcher reports on the industry.
3:20 PMDisturbia: A troubled youth suspects his neighbor is a serial killer.
5:05 PMVertical Limit: A climber must rescue his sister stranded by an avalanche.
7:15 PMRoboCop: Corporate scientists turn a dead Detroit policeman into a cyborg crime-fighter.
9:00 PMStrike Back
10:00 PMDracula Untold: Prince Vlad III trades his humanity for the power to defend his people from the Ottoman onslaught.
11:35 PMStrike Back
12:25 AMLocal Programming