28 July 2014

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11:31 PMThe Colbert Report - Beck: Musician Beck.
12:01 AMAt Midnight - Nikki Glaser; Phil Hanley; Joe DeRosa  : Nikki Glaser; Phil Hanley; Joe DeRosa.
12:31 AMSouth Park - World War Zimmerman: Cartman thinks Token is a threat to everyone.
1:01 AMThe Daily Show With Jon Stewart - Sonia Nazario: Author Sonia Nazario.
1:32 AMThe Colbert Report - Beck: Musician Beck.
2:03 AMAt Midnight - Nikki Glaser; Phil Hanley; Joe DeRosa  : Nikki Glaser; Phil Hanley; Joe DeRosa.
2:30 AMWorkaholics - Fourth and Inches: The dudes become obsessed with betting on high school sports.
3:00 AMWorkaholics - Webcam Girl: Alone on Valentine's Day, the guys turn to a webcam girl for romance.
3:30 AMWorkaholics - Heist School: The guys go undercover at a high school.
4:00 AMWorkaholics - Teenage Mutant Ninja Roommates: The guys run from a security guard.
4:30 AMThe Jeselnik Offensive: Comics Amy Schumer and Jim Norton discuss necrophilia.
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7:30 AM21 DAY FIX
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9:00 AMComedy Central Presents - Jon Lajoie: Comic Jon Lajoie performs.
9:16 AMThe Daily Show With Jon Stewart - Sonia Nazario: Author Sonia Nazario.
9:47 AMThe Colbert Report - Beck: Musician Beck.
10:18 AMCommunity - History 101: Dean Pelton devises a way for students to compete for class space.
10:48 AMFanboys: ``Star Wars'' fans take their dying friend to Skywalker Ranch to see ``The Phantom Menace.''
12:50 PMTosh.0: Daniel Tosh breaks a world record and reveals his new wardrobe; ``David After the Dentist.''
1:21 PMTosh.0: Daniel Web chats with Wii Fit girl; the Crystal Light dancers reunite.
1:51 PMTosh.0: The bumbling surfer; the ultimate motor boat; a new phone app.
2:22 PMTosh.0: Daniel gives the spelling bee kid a Web redemption, talks with zombies and blows something up.
2:52 PMTosh.0: Daniel sums up two weeks' worth of Olympics coverage in less than a minute; a nauseating segment.
3:23 PMTosh.0: Daniel organizes a focus group to prevent future racism; comic gets a web redemption.
3:54 PMFuturama - Lethal Inspection: Bender learns that he suffers from a mortal manufacturing defect.
4:25 PMFuturama - The Late Philip J. Fry: The Professor invents a one-way time machine, but things go terribly wrong.
4:56 PMFuturama - That Darn Katz!: Earth is invaded by a race of intelligent cats intent on destroying the planet.
5:26 PMFuturama - A Clockwork Origin: The theory of evolution is put to the test on a planet inhabited by robots.
5:56 PMSouth Park - Towelie: The boys enlist the help of a genetically engineered towel to reclaim a game system.
6:27 PMTosh.0: Tosh reads viewer reviews of his new bakery; Tosh's new PSA about marriage.
6:58 PMThe Colbert Report - Beck: Musician Beck.
7:29 PMThe Daily Show With Jon Stewart - Sonia Nazario: Author Sonia Nazario.
8:00 PMTosh.0's Got Talent: A block of ``Tosh.0'' episodes which include the worst magician ever and a bad-break dancer.
10:00 PMDrunk History - Charleston: Charles Sumner gets caned on the Senate floor; Judge J. Waties Waring helps end segregation.
10:30 PMNathan for You - Dumb Starbucks  : Nathan uses parody law to help a struggling coffee shop.
11:00 PMThe Daily Show With Jon Stewart - Sara Firth: Journalist Sara Firth.
11:31 PMThe Colbert Report - Jon Batiste and Stay Human: Musicians Jon Batiste and Stay Human.
12:01 AMLocal Programming