9 October 2015

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11:30 PMRidiculousness - 50 Cent  : Rapper 50 Cent; ``Crappy Birthday''; ``Built Like 50''; ``Show Stealers.''
12:00 AMSouth Park - Coon vs. Coon & Friends: Coon and Friends find themselves at the mercy of Cartman who now has Cthulhu doing his bidding.
12:30 AMSouth Park - The Ring: Kenny takes his girlfriend to a Jonas Brothers' concert.
1:00 AMSouth Park - The Jeffersons: The local police force resents Mr. Jefferson for his wealth and ethnicity.
1:30 AMSouth Park - The Entity: Kyle's unpopular cousin creates friction.
2:00 AMClerks II: Slackers Dante and Randal find they must change their lives now that they are in their 30s.
4:00 AMRidiculousness - Lil Jon  : Lil Jon and Rob enjoy the ``Yeah'' category; dancing animals; unintentional body shots.
4:30 AMRidiculousness - Floyd Mayweather  : Floyd Mayweather visits the studio; pain face; ``Romantic Injuries''; ``How Not to Train.''
5:00 AMRidiculousness - Riff Raff  : Riff Raff; ``Brain Freeze''; ``Middle of the Mall S...''
5:30 AMRidiculousness - Mike Epps  : Mike Epps; ``Getting Zombied''; ``Save It for Later''; ``Bond or Burial Money.''
6:00 AMRidiculousness - Sterling and Chanel VI  : Rob, Sterling and Chanel; ``Freaking Out Over the New Epidemic''; ``Heavy Leg Syndrome.''
6:30 AMRidiculousness - David Arquette  : David Arquette; ``Ready to Rumble''; ``Power Logs''; ``Bounced.''
7:00 AMRidiculousness - Rick Ross  : Rapper Rick Ross; ``Hood Hundredaire''; ``Rich Forever''; ``Like a Boss.''
7:30 AMRidiculousness - Smosh  : Smosh; ``Secret Commandos''; ``Shut Up''; ``Why Men Shouldn't Twerk.''
8:00 AMRidiculousness - Brooks Wheelan  : Comic Brooks Wheelan; ``Drunk on eBay''; ``Critter Control''; ``Snake Bait.''
8:30 AMRidiculousness - Joanna Krupa  : Model Joanna Krupa; ``Partial Arts''; ``Man Juggies.''
9:00 AMRidiculousness - Chanel and Sterling XX  : Chanel and Sterling; ``Crappyland''; ``Secret Aliens''; ``Naturegasm.''
9:30 AMRidiculousness - Lacey Chabert  : Lacey Chabert; ``Last Minute Adventures''; ``Tender Moments''; ``Acting Sexy.''
10:00 AMRidiculousness - 50 Cent  : Rapper 50 Cent; ``Crappy Birthday''; ``Built Like 50''; ``Show Stealers.''
10:30 AMThe Middle of the Night Show - Thomas Middleditch  : Actor Thomas Middleditch hosts a talk show without preparation and visits a luxury dog hotel.
11:00 AMBroke A$$ Game Show - Uptown Dunk  : See-saw with a sumo wrestler; stuffing a magnet into a crotch.
11:30 AMRoll Bounce: The closure of their rink forces a skater and his friends to gather at an uptown establishment.
2:00 PMCatfish: The TV Show - Mike and Caroline  : Mike wonder if he's being preyed upon by a stalking catfish after falling in love online.
3:00 PMCatfish: The TV Show - Courtney and Isaak  : After a girl cuts ties with an Internet beau, he refuses to give up trying to get her back.
4:00 PMCatfish: The TV Show - Anthony and Marq  : An Iraq War veteran connects with an emotionally available man online.
5:00 PMCatfish: The TV Show - Aaliyah & Alicia  : Alicia refuses to meet Aaliyah because she has not come out to her friends and family.
6:00 PMCatfish: The TV Show - John & Kelsey  : John is held back from leaving Detroit by his feelings for Kelsey.
7:00 PMCatfish: The TV Show - Lauren & Derek  : After a cyber-meet on MySpace years before, a couple has not met in person.
8:00 PMThe Craft: L.A. teens strike back at tormentors with witchcraft.
10:00 PMWarm Bodies: An unusual romance unfolds after a zombie saves a young woman's life.
12:00 AMLocal Programming