19 February 2017

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10:15 PMDaredevil: A blind attorney becomes a nocturnal superhero who dispenses justice to New York's criminal element.
12:30 AMAlex Cross: A serial killer's game of cat-and-mouse pushes detective/psychologist Cross to his moral limit.
2:45 AMThe Omen: An American diplomat and his wife learn that the child they adopted may be the son of Satan.
5:15 AMPortlandia - Portland Secedes: Fred and Carrie help Portland secede; the eco-terrorists receive an award for Best Protest.
5:45 AMComedy Bang! Bang! - Maya Rudolph  : Maya Rudolph plays Skirmish of the Sexes; Agent Aukerman has gone undercover.
6:00 AMAnalyze This: To get a handle on his insecurities, a powerful New York gangster sees a therapist.
8:30 AMHalf Baked: Potheads sell marijuana to raise bail for a fellow stoner who accidentally killed a horse.
10:30 AM48 HRS.: A rumpled detective and a slick convict hunt a killer in San Francisco.
12:45 PMAnother 48 HRS.: Slick jailbird Reggie hits the street with sloppy policeman Jack, this time to nab a drug king.
3:00 PMMiami Vice: Detectives Crockett and Tubbs take on drug lords in South Florida. Based on the television show.
6:00 PMThe Man With the Iron Fists: A blacksmith channels ancient energies to forge himself into a human weapon.
8:00 PMDue Date: A high-strung man takes a road trip with an annoying stranger.
10:00 PMDue Date: A high-strung man takes a road trip with an annoying stranger.