25 April 2017

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11:30 PMThe Golden Girls - Comedy of Errors: Dorothy's stab at stand-up shtick is sidetracked by Sophia's heckling.
12:00 AMThe Golden Girls - All That Jazz: Dorothy sends her unemployed son to live with his equally irresponsible father.
12:30 AMThe Golden Girls - Ebb Tide: Blanche renews hostilities with her sister when she travels home to attend her father's funeral.
1:00 AMFrasier - Rooms With a View: Niles' sudden surgery prompts the brothers to recall their childhood.
1:30 AMFrasier - Don't Go Breaking My Heart: Niles' newfound outlook on life is driving his brother crazy, but Frasier must remain mum.
2:00 AMFrasier - We Two Kings: The brothers squabble over who will host Christmas festivities; Roz falls for Santa.
2:30 AMFrasier - Door Jam: Frasier and Niles are pampered at a spa; an expert evaluates Daphne's treatment of Martin.
3:00 AMFrasier - The Harassed: Frasier must share his radio show with an arrogant stocks analyst (Felicity Huffman).
3:30 AMFrasier - Lilith Needs a Favor: Lilith (Bebe Neuwirth) visits Seattle to ask Frasier a shocking question.
4:00 AMCheers - Bar Wars V: The Final Judgment: The gang thinks a Halloween prank may have scared a rival bar owner to death.
4:30 AMCheers - Where Have All the Floorboards Gone?: Carla fears Boston Celtic Kevin McHale is turning into a Cheers barfly.
5:00 AMI Love Lucy - Lucy Meets Charles Boyer: While in Paris, Lucy spots someone she thinks is Charles Boyer.
5:30 AMI Love Lucy - Lucy Gets a Paris Gown: Lucy wants to attend a Paris fashion show, but Ricky is hesitant to let her go.
6:00 AMI Love Lucy - Lucy in the Swiss Alps: Lucy and Ricky are trapped by an Alpine avalanche.
6:30 AMI Love Lucy - Lucy Gets Homesick in Italy: Lucy feels guilty when she realizes the next day is Little Ricky's birthday and wants to call him.
7:00 AMI Love Lucy - Lucy's Italian Movie: Lucy is ``discovered'' by an Italian film director while traveling to Rome.
7:30 AMI Love Lucy - Lucy's Bicycle Trip: Lucy can't cross the French-Italian border because she lost her passport.
8:00 AMThe Golden Girls - Have Yourself a Very Little Christmas: The ladies volunteer to serve Christmas dinner at a soup kitchen.
8:30 AMThe Golden Girls - Mary Has a Little Lamb: The girls help a pregnant teen and play host to Blanche's visiting pen pal.
9:00 AMThe Golden Girls - Great Expectations: Blanche cannot bring herself to enter the hospital following her boyfriend's heart attack.
9:30 AMThe Golden Girls - Triple Play: Rose prepares herself to meet her boyfriend's daughter; Blanche schemes to meet wealthy men.
10:00 AMHome & Family: Actress Felicity Huffman; actress Janel Parrish; rapper Jensen Karp; chef Sarah Penrod.
12:00 PMHome & Family: Actor Michael Harney; actress Edwina Findley Dickerson; musician Aaron Lewis performs.
2:00 PMHome Improvement - Groin Pains: Tim pulls a groin muscle and tries to keep it a secret from Jill.
2:30 PMHome Improvement - Heavy Meddle: Tim and friends work on a car; Jill turns it into a barbecue.
3:00 PMHome Improvement - The Haunting of Taylor House: Al helps Tim and Jill build a haunted house as part of a Halloween party for Brad.
3:30 PMHome Improvement - Roomie for Improvement: Tim moves in with Al for the night to avoid Mark's chickenpox when the Andretti brothers visit.
4:00 PMHome Improvement - May the Best Man Win: Jill finds a job with a Detroit magazine; Mr. Binford's daughter becomes Tim's new producer.
4:30 PMHome Improvement - Where There's a Will, There's a Way: Tim cannot bring himself to sign his will; Jill and the boys try to persuade him.
5:00 PMHome Improvement - Let's Did Lunch: Jill and Tim are caught in the middle when Dave begins dating Jill's friend and another woman.
5:30 PMHome Improvement - Abandoned Family: Jill's growing responsibilities at the magazine force Tim to take charge of the domestic chores.
6:00 PMLast Man Standing - Tree of Strife: Mandy meets Kim Kardashian; Mike protests the city's orders to cut down a tree on his property.
6:30 PMLast Man Standing - House of Spirits: When a history of the house reveals someone died there, the family starts blaming things on a ghost.
7:00 PMLast Man Standing - Adrenaline: Mike realizes how much he misses the adrenaline rush he used to get from his adventures on the road.
7:30 PMLast Man Standing - Baxter & Sons: When Mike's younger brother and father visit, a sibling rivalry ensues.
8:00 PMLast Man Standing - Ding Dong Ditch: When a teen hurts himself on the Baxters' property, Mike is asked to pay the doctor bill.
8:30 PMLast Man Standing - Animal Wrongs: Mandy's new boyfriend, Terrence, is an animal rights activist who clashes with Mike.
9:00 PMThe Middle - Survey Says ...: Frankie has lunch with Sue and her new boyfriend; Axl tells Mike he wants to quit football.
9:30 PMThe Middle - Find My Hecks: Frankie and Mike attempt to set a curfew for Sue and Axl; Brick wants to be the valedictorian.
10:00 PMThe Middle - The Show Must Go On: When Brick's song is cut from his graduation ceremony, Frankie endeavors to get it reinstated.
10:30 PMThe Middle - Pilot: Brick asks Frankie to come to his class presentation dressed in a costume.
11:00 PMThe Golden Girls - Have Yourself a Very Little Christmas: The ladies volunteer to serve Christmas dinner at a soup kitchen.
11:30 PMThe Golden Girls - Mary Has a Little Lamb: The girls help a pregnant teen and play host to Blanche's visiting pen pal.
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