23 October 2014

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11:30 PMMy Babysitter's a Vampire - Double Negative 
12:00 AMGood Luck Charlie - Baby's New Shoes: Teddy asks Gabe and his friend to help her come up with a new story to win an internship.
12:30 AMGood Luck Charlie - Appy Days: Gabe blows Teddy and Ivy's scheme to get their parents to let them go to a party.
1:00 AMThe Suite Life on Deck - Mean Chicks: Bailey bets London 1 million dollars that London can't go a whole week being nice.
1:30 AMThe Suite Life on Deck - Model Behavior: Zack and Marcus throw a party while Moseby is away, and invite some models who are on board.
2:00 AMWizards of Waverly Place - Marathoner Helper: When Harper discovers Alex helped her win many competitions, she relives them to win without magic.
2:30 AMWizards of Waverly Place - Third Wheel: Harper is jealous when Alex spends time with Stevie after discovering she's a wizard.
3:00 AMShake It Up! - Kick it Up: When Rocky starts making new friends and finds a new hobby CeCe fears their friendship is over.
3:30 AMA.N.T. Farm - managemANT  : Chyna records a spoof talk show where she also sings, Cameron pretends to be her manager.
4:00 AMThe Suite Life on Deck - Once Upon a Suite Life: Zack, Cody and London fall asleep and dream themselves into fairy tales.
4:30 AMThe Suite Life on Deck - Starship Tipton: The kids travel to the future to save their family on Starship Tipton.
5:00 AMPhineas and Ferb - Phineas and Ferb Get Busted: Reform school.
5:30 AMPhineas and Ferb - Doofapus; Norm Unleashed: Doof transforms into a platypus to beat Perry, but finds it's harder than he thought.
6:00 AMOctonauts - Bowhead Whales; Damselfish  : The Octonauts recruit a bowhead whale.
6:30 AMOctonauts - The Baby Dolphin; The Scary Spookfish  : Kwazii babysits a baby dolphin that follows him home.
7:00 AMChuggington - Helpful Hodge; Wilson's Wacky Tour: Koko challenges Hodge: whoever does the most jobs wins; Chuggington school children go on safari.
7:30 AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse - Mickey-Go-Seek: Mickey needs help finding Donald.
8:00 AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse - Mickey's Pirate Adventure: Goofy's long-lost grandfather, Captain Goof-Beard asks for the gang's help.
9:00 AMSofia the First - The Princess Stays in the Picture  : Sofia and Hildegard have an adventure inside enchanted paintings.
9:30 AMHenry Hugglemonster - Big Baby; The Perfect Anniversary 
10:00 AMOctonauts - Sea Sponge; Loggerhead Sea Turtle  : A sea sponge suffers from a mysterious illness and Peso must figure out the cause.
10:30 AMSpookley the Square Pumpkin: Normal, round pumpkins tease a square squash because of his odd shape. Animated.
11:30 AMJake and the Never Land Pirates - Jake the Wolf; Witch Hook: Jake is turned into a wolf after ignoring a warning; Captain Hook turns into a witch.
12:00 PMSofia the First - Princess Butterfly  : Amber uses a magic spell to one up Sofia's costume to win a contest.
12:30 PMDoc McStuffins - Boo-Hoo to You!; It's Glow Time  : A toy ghost's fear of Halloween; ``no-glow-atosis.''
1:00 PMMickey Mouse Clubhouse - Mickey's Treat: Mickey and his friends try to make their way to Pete's Halloween party at Trick-or-Treat Tower.
1:30 PMSofia the First - The Emerald Key  : A valuable emerald key washes up on the shore of the castle.
2:00 PMHalloweentown: After learning she is a witch, a girl helps save a town full of other supernatural creatures.
3:35 PMMickey Mouse - The Boiler Room  : Mickey must face a monster living in the basement of Minnie's apartment.
3:40 PMHalloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge: Two witches try to save trick-or-treaters from a villain.
5:15 PMMaker Monstober
5:30 PMHalloweentown High: Two witches protect a group of students from the legendary Knights of the Iron Dagger.
7:05 PMMaker Monstober
7:20 PMReturn to Halloweentown: An 18-year-old witch must use magic to stop a devious plot to destroy Halloweentown.
9:00 PMEvermoor - Chapter 3  : Tara and her brother Seb try to solve the mystery of the ancient, future-predicting tapestry.
9:30 PMEvermoor - Chapter 4  : Tara and Seb continue working with the tapestry to save their family and the manor from Esmerelda.
10:00 PMI Didn't Do It - Next of Pumpkin  : Delia has been growing a pumpkin for six months with the hope of winning the largest pumpkin award.
10:30 PMLiv & Maddie - Helgaween-a-Rooney  : A magical amulet turns the twins into triplets, producing a frightening sister named Helga.
11:00 PMMy Babysitter's a Vampire - Smells Like Trouble 
11:30 PMMy Babysitter's a Vampire - Die Pod  : Strange vines grow into the school's computer lab and into students.
12:00 AMLocal Programming