23 May 2017

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8:00 PMGone With the Wind: Civil War rogue Rhett Butler loves Southern belle Scarlett O'Hara.
12:15 AMSan Francisco: A Barbary Coast gambler loves his new saloon singer, then loses her in the 1906 earthquake panic.
2:15 AMTest Pilot: A famous test pilot meets his dream-girl after making a forced landing in a Kansas cornfield.
4:30 AMBoom Town: Texas wildcatters hit oil together, then fight after one marries the other's sweetheart.
6:45 AMThe Painted Desert: A tungsten miner loves his father's rival's daughter and fights off her other suitor.
8:15 AMHonky Tonk: An Old West con man takes over a Nevada town and marries the corrupt judge's daughter.
10:15 AMAcross the Wide Missouri: A beaver trapper marries a Blackfoot chief's daughter who guides his group safely West.
11:45 AMLone Star: A Texas cattle baron fights a state senator's politics and steals his newspaper-editor girlfriend.
1:30 PMAdventure: A San Francisco librarian falls for a roguish seaman, who loves her and leaves her pregnant.
3:45 PMHomecoming: A doctor married to a New York socialite falls in love with a World War II battlefield nurse.
5:45 PMSomewhere I'll Find You: War-reporter brothers search Indochina for a newswoman they love, and they all wind up in Bataan.
8:00 PMPal Joey: Singer woos chorus girl after socialite buys nightclub.
10:15 PMThe Eddy Duchin Story: A Boston tailor's son marries a Manhattan socialite, has a son and becomes a popular pianist.
12:30 AMLocal Programming