25 July 2014

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10:00 PMKirk Douglas: Before I Forget: The actor shares stories about his career, family and work, as well as his philosophy.
12:00 AMYoung Man With a Horn: A trumpet player who is driven by his music is ruined by one woman and saved by another.
2:00 AMOut of the Past: A private eye cannot seem to get away from a gambler and his no-good girlfriend.
4:00 AMThe Hook: A U.S. sergeant and two privates are ordered to kill a wounded prisoner during the Korean War.
6:00 AMThe Last Flight: American pilots surround a single woman in Paris after World War I.
7:30 AMHeroes for Sale: A World War I veteran becomes a morphine addict and a millionaire.
8:45 AMThey Gave Him a Gun: A circus man tries to save his buddy who turns gangster after fighting in World War I.
10:30 AMMarianne: An American soldier loves a French girl loved by a blinded French soldier.
12:30 PMThe Shopworn Angel: A worldly Broadway actress lets a folksy doughboy court her and marries him before he ships out.
2:00 PMThe Better 'Ole: Three guys fight back Germans who have taken over a European town during World War I. Silent.
3:45 PMShoulder Arms: Charlie is a private with dreams of becoming a war hero by going behind enemy lines.
4:30 PMDoughboys: A rich man in search of a chauffeur accidentally joins the Army and goes to war.
6:00 PMKing of Hearts: Freed asylum inmates impede a World War I soldier trying to defuse a bomb in their French village.
8:00 PMRandom Harvest: An amnesiac World War I British veteran marries a chorus girl, then forgets her.
10:15 PMWaterloo Bridge: A ballet dancer and a British officer cross stars on the eve of World War I.
12:15 AMLocal Programming