20 October 2014

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10:00 PMKings Row: Sin surrounds a Freudian doctor, his playboy buddy and the buddy's girlfriend in a circa-1900 town.
12:15 AMJuke Girl: A hitchhiker and a jukebox-joint hostess are framed for murder in Florida tomato country.
2:00 AMLili: A French teen joins a carnival and meets a lying magician and a loving puppeteer.
3:30 AMTeresa: A World War II veteran and his Italian bride live uneasily with his parents in New York.
5:30 AMMGM Parade: Janet Lake; clip from ``Gabby''; host Walter Pidgeon.
6:00 AMLassie Come Home: An English boy's collie finds her way back home from Scotland after his father sells her to a duke.
7:45 AMSon of Lassie: Shot down over Norway with his collie, Laddie, an RAF pilot tries to get home.
9:30 AMCourage of Lassie: A young woman's pet collie winds up in the Army and comes back from World War II trained to kill.
11:15 AMHills of Home: Lassie overcomes a fear of water to rescue an elderly Scottish country doctor.
1:00 PMChallenge to Lassie: Children and an innkeeper defend a collie who guards his master's grave in 19th-century Edinburgh.
2:30 PMThe Sun Comes Up: Lassie and orphan befriend concert-singing widower.
4:15 PMFlipper: The son of a fisherman in the Florida Keys rescues a speared dolphin and nurses it back to health.
6:00 PMFlipper's New Adventure: The dolphin and his young master rescue a family of English aristocrats held hostage in the Bahamas.
8:00 PMHer Sister's Secret: An unwed New Orleans mother's sister raises her GI-fathered baby as her own.
9:30 PMEdgar G. Ulmer - The Man Off-screen: The life of B movie king Edgar G. Ulmer.
11:00 PMCarnegie Hall: An Irish immigrant becomes a concert organizer and promotes her son's career as a pianist.