30 July 2016

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10:00 PMThe Swarm: A scientist and an Air Force general trick killer bees away from Houston.
12:15 AMLight in the Piazza: An American allows her mentally impaired daughter to marry a rich young man in Florence.
2:15 AMLibel: An English nobleman's wife has him sue a Canadian who has called him an impostor.
4:00 AMThe Male Animal: A Midwestern professor fights for his wife and academic freedom on the eve of a big football game.
6:00 AMGovernment Girl: A secretary in wartime Washington defends her boss, an engineer in hot water for cutting red tape.
7:45 AMPrincess O'Rourke: A down-to-earth pilot charms a European princess on vacation in the United States.
9:30 AMAce Drummond - Chapter 9: Secret Service  : The ace pilot races to the airport to warn a clipper ship about the Dragon's aerial attack.
10:00 AMAce Drummond - Chapter 11: The Dragon Commands  : A kidnapped archaeologist and his daughter escape through a secret cave.
10:30 AMAce Drummond - Chapter 10: The Mountain of Jade  : The ace pilot searches for a kidnapped woman.
11:00 AMAce Drummond - Chapter 13: The Worlds Akin  : The ace pilot races to help fight off a criminal mastermind's attack on a strategic airport.
11:30 AMAce Drummond - Chapter 12: The Squadron of Death  : The ace pilot discovers the monastery where an archaeologist and his daughter are hiding.
12:00 PMGaslight: A Scotland Yard detective figures out why a schizoid Victorian is trying to drive his wife mad.
2:00 PMThe Story of Will Rogers: The homespun humorist and social critic starts as a cowboy and goes on to vaudeville, movies, radio.
4:00 PMThe Wild North: A trapper wanted for murder saves the life of a Mountie who has tracked him down.
5:45 PMLogan's Run: A man and woman flee an idyllic domed city in which citizens meet their deaths at age 30.
8:00 PMThe Good, the Bad and the Ugly: A drifter, a bandit and a bounty hunter reach a standoff over buried gold.
11:15 PMThe Lineup: A mob killer recovers planted heroin from tourists arriving in San Francisco.