8 February 2016

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11:00 PMStar Trek: The Next Generation - The Pegasus: An admiral orders Riker to conceal from Picard the reason for a risky mission.
12:00 AMStar Trek: The Next Generation - Homeward: Worf's foster brother (Paul Sorvino) violates the prime directive to save a doomed primitive race.
1:00 AMStar Trek: The Next Generation - Contagion: A virus programs the ship to self-destruct.
2:00 AMStar Trek: The Next Generation - Manhunt: Troi's mother (Majel Barrett) searches the Enterprise for the ideal man.
3:00 AMStar Trek: The Next Generation - The Outrageous Okona: The crew plays host to a funny renegade captain.
4:00 AMStar Trek: The Next Generation - First Contact: Wounded Riker is stranded on a first mission to a developing world; guest Bebe Neuwirth.
5:00 AMStar Trek: The Next Generation - Darmok: Picard encounters the leader of a civilization which communicates only in metaphor.
6:00 AMStar Trek: The Next Generation - Lonely Among Us: An energy cloud affects Enterprise and crew.
7:00 AMStar Trek: The Next Generation - Justice: Wesley is sentenced to death for violating planet's rules.
8:00 AMKitchen Nightmares - Black Pearl: A struggling seafood restaurant comes to Gordon Ramsay for help.
9:00 AMKitchen Nightmares - Mill Street Bistro, Part 1: Ramsay visits Mill Street Bistro in Ohio to try to turn the eatery around.
10:00 AMDoctor Who - The Sound of Drums: Harry Saxon becomes Prime Minister, but has dark ambitions.
11:00 AMDoctor Who - Last of the Time Lords: With The Doctor imprisoned by The Master, Martha endeavors to save the world.
12:00 PMStar Trek: The Next Generation - Evolution: A computer malfunction threatens a mission.
1:00 PMStar Trek: The Next Generation - The Ensigns of Command: Data tries to organize an evacuation of human colonists marked for death by aliens.
2:00 PMStar Trek: The Next Generation - The Survivors: The Enterprise finds an elderly couple the only survivors of an attack on a planet.
3:00 PMStar Trek: The Next Generation - Who Watches the Watchers?: A primitive culture worships Picard and prepares to offer Troi as a sacrifice.
4:00 PMMan vs. Wild - North Africa: Bear is stranded in Northern Africa and gets creative finding food, water and shelter.
5:00 PMMan vs. Wild - Georgia-Eastern Europe: Bear must survive in the snow-capped Caucasus Mountains of the Georgian Republic.
6:00 PMMan vs. Wild - Western Pacific: Bear is marooned on a desert island somewhere south of Papua New Guinea.
7:00 PMMan vs. Wild - Namibia: Bear Grylls demonstrates how to survive in Namibia, one of the hottest, most-barren places on Earth.
8:00 PMMan vs. Wild - Zambia: Bear Grylls heads into the bush of Zambia and survives some of the world's biggest rapids.
9:00 PMTop Gear - The Races: Races include a Ferrari Daytona versus a million pound powerboat.
10:00 PMThe Graham Norton Show: Singer Sir Elton John; actor Ben Stiller; actor Owen Wilson; actress Penelope Cruz.
11:00 PMAlmost Royal - Work  : The Carltons try working; creating the perfect resume; cooking in an American diner.
11:30 PMAlmost Royal - Holidays  : Poppy and Georgie learn about American holidays; giving a speech at a Thanksgiving parade.