17 October 2017

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11:15 PMThe Mummy: British archaeologists defile the tomb of an Egyptian princess and her buried-alive lover.
1:00 AMThe Curse of the Werewolf: The son of a servant assaulted by a beggar becomes a wolfman in 18th-century Spain.
2:45 AMThe Plague of the Zombies: A medical professor and his daughter link a Cornish epidemic to a village squire's voodoo.
4:30 AMThe Reptile: A Malayan curse turns the daughter of a 19th-century English doctor into a snake woman.
6:15 AMThe Blue Gardenia: A drunken woman hits her blind date with a poker, then reads about his death in the paper.
8:00 AMBlack Hand: The son of a slain Italian lawyer helps a policeman fight organized crime in circa-1900 New York.
9:45 AMWhite Heat: T-men hunt a trigger-happy gangster who listens only to his mother.
11:45 AMPurple Noon: An American in Italy resorts to murder to have a playboy's life and mistress.
2:00 PMRed Light: A tough businessman searches for a hotel Bible he thinks will lead him to his brother's killer.
3:30 PMThe Yellow Canary: An English aristocrat fakes sympathy for the Nazis while she's spying for the Allies.
5:00 PMThe Woman in Green: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson follow Moriarty's trail to a hypnotist called Lydia.
6:15 PMThe Golden Fleecing: An insurance man chases a racketeer who has bought a big policy.
7:30 PMMGM Parade: Gene Kelly; Little Leo; host George Murphy.
8:00 PMSissi: A 19th-century emperor falls in love with his fiancee's younger sister.
10:00 PMSissi: The Young Empress: A young woman tries to adapt to her new life as Austria's empress.
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