30 March 2015

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10:00 PMHotel Berlin: An escapee from Dachau, an actress and others hide in a grand hotel as the Third Reich falls.
12:00 AMThe Penalty: A deranged criminal seeks revenge against the doctor who amputated his legs. Silent.
2:00 AMTristana: Seduced by her guardian, a young woman also loves an artist and loses a leg in 1920s Spain.
4:00 AMUn chien andalou: A collection of shocking and surreal images. Silent.
4:30 AMSimon of the Desert: Bearded St. Simon perches on a pillar and performs miracles for a critical crowd.
5:30 AMElvis Mitchell: Under the Influence - Ed Norton
6:00 AMA Man to Remember: An unselfish country doctor spends his life serving rich and poor alike.
7:30 AMBad Lands: Desert heat and Indians get to an Arizona sheriff and his posse.
8:45 AMSorority House: A grocer's daughter dates a football hero and joins a snooty sorority.
10:00 AMFull Confession: A priest tries to get a confessed killer to save an innocent man from the electric chair.
11:15 AMMillionaire Playboy: A rich man hires someone to cure his son who hiccups around women.
12:30 PMPursuit: An actress tries to retain custody of her son by flying him out of the country.
1:45 PMBack in Circulation: A newswoman gets a chorus girl convicted of murder, then finds evidence of her innocence.
3:15 PMMr. Chump: Two bank officers wind up in jail using the stock-picking system of a trumpeter who never works.
4:30 PMThe Great Man Votes: An alcoholic scholar's children see his lone vote swing a mayoral election.
5:45 PMSweepstakes Winner: A waitress has luck with an old racehorse and a ticket for the Irish sweepstakes.
7:00 PMGranny Get Your Gun: A Nevada woman prods a lawyer and hunts a killer to clear her granddaughter of murder.
8:00 PMThe China Syndrome: Journalists see the cover-up of a crisis at a nuclear-power plant.
10:15 PMBroadcast News: A reporter, a producer and an anchorman form a triangle in a TV-network news bureau.
12:45 AMLocal Programming