23 October 2016

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10:15 PMJaws 2: Tourist town and police chief dread huge white shark at beach.
12:15 AMJaws 3: An engineer and a marine biologist face a mother white shark at a Florida sea park.
2:00 AMLady Snowblood: A girl is born, raised and trained to be an instrument of revenge.
3:45 AMLady Snowblood 2: Love Song of Vengeance: Yuki is recruited into the secret police and becomes caught in a web of assassination and coercion.
5:30 AMChanging: A young family tries to cope with the shifting social values.
6:00 AMAh, Wilderness!: A teen comes of age with the help of his uncle in circa-1900 New England.
8:00 AMStage Fright: An English drama student and her father help a young man accused of killing an actress's husband.
10:00 AMThe Outlaw: Billy the Kid, Doc Holliday and Pat Garrett hang out with a hussy.
12:15 PMNeptune's Daughter: A swimwear designer's sister mistakes a madcap masseur for the captain of a polo team.
2:00 PMPeople Will Talk: A medical professor marries a student pregnant by another man.
4:00 PMThe Lady Eve: Father-daughter cardsharps fleece a rich man's son on a cruise ship.
6:00 PMFather of the Bride: An overwhelmed patriarch sums up his daughter's wedding, from engagement to reception.
8:00 PMFrankenstein Created Woman: The baron puts an angry man's soul in the body of a woman beautified by surgery.
10:00 PMFrankenstein Must Be Destroyed: The baron makes a couple help him put a mad doctor's brain in another doctor's body.
12:00 AMLocal Programming