27 May 2015

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11:45 PMThe Long Goodbye: Raymond Chandler's private eye Philip Marlowe meets a fun couple in 1970s Los Angeles.
1:45 AMLoving: A free-lance artist goes to a party with his wife and makes a spectacle with another man's wife.
3:30 AMDr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb: President Muffley and his advisers man the Pentagon war room, as bombs head toward Moscow.
5:15 AMTCM Presents Under the Influence - Edward Norton: Edward Norton discusses the influences that shaped his acting career.
6:00 AMDance Hall: A shipping clerk spends his lunch money on a ballroom dancer, who falls for a pilot.
7:15 AMStreet Girl: A jazz quartet befriends a poor violinist, and she puts them in the money as their manager.
9:00 AMRunaway Bride: Crooks find the wayward bride who has their gems, cooking for a rich bachelor.
10:15 AMSmilin' Through: A Victorian Englishman's niece and her suitor resemble his long-dead bride and tragic rival.
12:00 PMWhat Price Hollywood?: A director on a drunken slide makes a Brown Derby waitress a star.
1:45 PMProfessional Sweetheart: A radio sponsor's so-called Purity Girl is paired for publicity with a rural Kentucky fan.
3:15 PMThe Life of Vergie Winters: A small-town woman refuses to let her politician lover divorce his wife.
4:45 PMAlice Adams: A social climber wants her humble family to impress a rich bachelor at dinner.
6:30 PMRomance in Manhattan: A young woman befriends, then falls in love with a Czech cabdriver trying to get along in New York.
8:00 PMBerkeley Square: An American finds himself transported back through time to 18th-century London.
9:45 PMTime After Time: Victorian London's Jack the Ripper escapes to 1979 San Francisco in H.G. Wells' time machine.
11:45 PMLa Jete: Humans research time travel after World War III devastates Paris.
12:30 AMLocal Programming