1 September 2015

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11:35 PMDave Chappelle's Block Party: Dave Chappelle treats some fellow Ohioans to a concert in Brooklyn, N.Y.
1:30 AMThe Laws of Lust: Beautiful women use their sexy bodies to get what they want.
3:05 AMThe Rig: The crew of an offshore oil rig has to survive a savage creature's attacks.
4:40 AMRay: Ray Charles overcomes hardships to become a legend.
7:15 AMI Will Follow: An African-American woman tries to deal with the death of a loved one while moving.
8:35 AMTo Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar: Car trouble strands three drag queens in a conservative Midwestern town.
10:30 AMA Film With Me in It: Freak accidents claim the lives of an actor's friends and family.
12:00 PMElvis Costello: Mystery Dance: A portrait of Elvis Costello, including his success with the Attractions and his collaborations.
1:00 PMInto the Blue: Four divers cross paths with drug smugglers.
3:00 PMPhoenix: A cop with a big gambling debt gets three buddies involved in a deadly crime to pay off the bookie.
4:50 PMDon't Blink: Terror grips a group of friends as members of the party begin to disappear one by one.
6:30 PMSupernova: The crew of a rescue vessel falls prey to a sinister spacefarer and a mysterious alien artifact.
8:00 PMInto the Blue: Four divers cross paths with drug smugglers.
10:00 PMTwelve Monkeys: Authorities send a prisoner back in time to avert a plague that killed 5 billion.