31 January 2015

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10:15 PMAugust: Osage County: Their father's funeral reunites three sisters with their corrosive mother.
12:30 AMThe Last Shot: An FBI agent tricks a screenwriter to make a sham movie.
2:05 AMThe Canyons: The discovery of an illicit affair leads two Angelenos on a tour through human nature's dark side.
3:45 AMAsk the Dust: A Mexican waitress who wants to improve her lot through marriage meets an aspiring Italian writer.
5:45 AMThe Reunion: Estranged siblings must go into business together as bail bondsmen in order to claim an inheritance.
7:30 AMThe Rugrats Movie: Toddlers get lost in the forest while trying to return an infant to the hospital. Animated.
9:00 AMQuartet: A once-popular opera diva reunites with her ex-husband at a retirement home.
10:40 AMThe Face of Love: A lonely widow begins a romance with a man who looks just like her late husband.
12:15 PMA Night at the Roxbury: Brainless brothers want their own dance club.
1:40 PMStep Up Revolution: Dancers band together to save their historic neighborhood from a developer.
3:30 PMLucky Them: An aspiring filmmaker and a rock journalist search for the latter's long-missing former lover.
5:10 PMThe 13th Warrior: A kidnapped emissary is enlisted in a battle with unknown foes that are slaughtering Vikings.
6:55 PMLord of War: A relentless Interpol agent tracks an arms dealer.
9:00 PMExcision: An outcast teen has weird, and increasingly violent, psychosexual fantasies.
10:30 PMShadow People: A radio talk show host unravels a conspiracy about encounters with mysterious beings.