19 April 2014

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10:30 PMKnife Fight: A political strategist struggles to keep his clients out of the scandal sheets.
12:10 AMThe Machinist: Cryptic notes and encounters torment an insomniac.
2:00 AMVHS: Thugs hired to steal a VHS tape uncover videos full of sex, demons and depravity.
4:00 AMResolution: Michael implements a plan to get his best friend Chris sober.
5:35 AMHollywoodland: A detective probes the mysterious death of TV Superman George Reeves.
7:45 AMFar and Away: An Irish farmer and a rich girl come to 1890s America.
10:05 AMBoys and Girls: Two longtime friends, each with a string of failed romances, wonder if they should date each other.
11:40 AMThe Illusionist: A magician vies with the heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire for a woman's love.
1:30 PMDare: Sexual experimentation links the lives of three high-school drama students.
3:00 PMNotting Hill: A man's life changes when an international star walks into his bookshop.
5:05 PMKindergarten Cop: An undercover officer teaches a rowdy class of peewees, to identify one whose mother must be found.
7:00 PMLawless: The Bondurant brothers become bootleggers in Depression-era Virginia.
9:00 PMThe Brood: A mad doctor tries psychoplasmic therapy on a raging woman soon to be a mother.
10:35 PMScanners: A scientist sends a ``scanner'' to hunt others like him with explosive psychic powers.