23 August 2017

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10:15 PMBlossoms in the Dust: The story of Edna Gladney, founder of the Texas Children's Home and Aid Society of Fort Worth.
12:15 AMPride and Prejudice: A middle-class girl and her sisters seek husbands in Georgian England.
2:30 AMStrange Lady in Town: A spunky doctor leaves her native Boston to practice medicine in 1879 Santa Fe.
4:30 AMRemember?: Parted lovers meet again after a jealous suitor puts a memory-loss potion in their drinks.
6:00 AMKisses for Breakfast: A newlywed with amnesia marries his bride's sister from South Carolina.
7:30 AMWings for the Eagle: A draft-dodging aircraft worker flirts with his buddy's wife, then joins the war.
9:00 AMGod Is My Co-Pilot: Col. Robert L. Scott Jr. becomes a member of Gen. Chennault's Flying Tigers in World War II.
10:30 AMShine On, Harvest Moon: Nora Bayes and Jack Norworth become partners in circa-1910 vaudeville.
12:30 PMChristmas in Connecticut: The publisher of a women's magazine has his best columnist play holiday host to a Navy hero.
2:30 PMThe Very Thought of You: World War II intrudes on the speedy courtship and marriage of a GI and his Pasadena sweetheart.
4:30 PMIt's a Great Feeling: Stars and waitress join comics making a movie.
6:15 PMTwo Guys From Milwaukee: A Brooklyn cabby and his manicurist girlfriend meet a prince posing as a guy from Milwaukee.
8:00 PMThe Desert Song: A man leads a group of desert bandits against some Nazis, who want to use them as cheap labor.
10:00 PMThe Hard Way: A scheming small-town woman uses men to get her sister-in-law on Broadway.