26 August 2016

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11:30 PMFlip or Flop - Thrifty vs. Glitzy  : Tarek is ready to move quickly with a friend on a cosmetic updating, easy flip.
12:00 AMFlip or Flop - Beachside Beauty  : Tarek and Christina find a house that is miles from the ocean, with a small, tiered yard.
12:30 AMFlip or Flop - Dilapidated Flip  : Tarek and Christina find a property in Santa Ana, Calif., that could be a great family home.
1:00 AMHouse Hunters - Family of Five Seek Larger Home in Tampa: A couple and their sons want to find a larger house closer to family in Tampa Bay, Fla.
1:30 AMHouse Hunters International - Texans Upgrade Their Lifestyle in Tulum, Mexico: Lifelong Texans want to make a move to Tulum, Mexico, a village known for its majestic Mayan ruins.
2:00 AMDesert Flippers - Squatters and Scorpions  : After buying a house without seeing it, they discover the dwelling damaged by squatters.
2:30 AMFlip or Flop - Thrifty vs. Glitzy  : Tarek is ready to move quickly with a friend on a cosmetic updating, easy flip.
3:00 AMFlip or Flop - Communal Flip  : Tarek and Christina flip the worst home in an Anaheim Hills neighborhood.
3:30 AMFlip or Flop - New Flips, Familiar Faces  : Tarek gets help from Pete DeBest on a flip in a run-down house in Corona, Calif.
4:00 AMTai Cheng: Join Joy and Regis Philbin as they explore Tai Cheng, a revolutionary program by Dr. Mark Cheng.
4:30 AMThicker Hair - Guaranteed!: Thicker, fuller looking hair is within reach!
5:00 AMSave $2700 per year / Fresher Food Today!: The new FoodSaver(R) 2-in-1 system gives you more ways to save.
5:30 AM5 Makeup Tips 4 Older Women!: Airbrushed makeup made easy!
6:00 AMDermaWand- Look years younger!: DermaWand results - younger looking skin with only 2 three minute treatments a day.
6:30 AMExtreme Homes - Rocks, Canvas, Celebrity  : A residence designed for eternal youth; a house is squeezed upwards; concrete blocks.
7:30 AMLiving Alaska: A couple wants to find the perfect vacation home in Sitka, Alaska.
8:00 AMProperty Brothers - Dionna and Natasha  : A single mom searches for a budget-friendly dream home.
9:00 AMProperty Brothers - Independent and Ambitious  : An attorney wants to find a swanky, turnkey property in an ideal neighborhood.
10:00 AMProperty Brothers - Room to Roam in Their Dream Home  : Carlie and Drum need to move out of their tiny condo so they can grow their family.
11:00 AMProperty Brothers - Putting the 'Om' in Home  : A daughter helps her busy entrepreneur parents find and renovate a new house.
12:00 PMHouse Hunters - New Orleans Newlyweds Seek Historic Charm and Character: New Orleans newlyweds want to leave their Garden District apartment complex.
12:30 PMHouse Hunters International - I Believe I Can Playa del Carmen: A couple invite parents to share the home with them in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.
1:00 PMTiny House Hunters - Fresh Start in Asheville  : A woman sells her restaurant in San Diego and moves to Asheville, N.C., in search of a tiny home.
1:30 PMTiny House Hunters - Inspired to Go Tiny  : Oregon artists plan to leave their 3,000-square-foot home and find something tiny outside the city.
2:00 PMTiny House Hunters - Tiny House, Big Expectations  : A woman wants to buy a house, but with her student loans, she has decided to find a tiny place.
2:30 PMTiny House Hunters - Teacher Seeks a Tiny Upgrade  : A teacher from Massachusetts wants to find a tiny home with indoor plumbing.
3:00 PMTiny House Hunters - Backpackers Go Tiny  : A couple who love to travel search for the perfect tiny house on wheels.
3:30 PMTiny House Hunters - Going From a Ranch to a Tiny Home in Northern California  : An artist wants to find a house that is less than 400 square feet and is on wheels.
4:00 PMTiny House Hunters - Single Dad Jim Is Downsizing to a Tiny House  : Hoping to travel the world with his daughter, a single dad wants to go tiny so he can afford it.
4:30 PMTiny House Hunters - Colorado Couple Goes Tiny  : A couple seek a tiny home that will give them the freedom to travel and has room for their pets.
5:00 PMTiny House Hunters - A Growing Family Looks for a Mobile Tiny House in Fullerton, Calif.  : Parents want to find a moveable house with space for their large family.
5:30 PMTiny House Hunters - Free to Be Tiny  : A kindergarten teacher hunts for a tiny house on wheels in Ventura, California.
6:00 PMTiny House Hunters - Heather Plans to Stay Tiny When She Relocates From Her Small Home in Alaska Back to Buffalo, N.Y.  : After selling her tiny house in Alaska, a woman is looking for a new tiny house in Buffalo, N.Y.
6:30 PMTiny House Hunters - After Setbacks, a Florida Family Goes Tiny to Regain Their Financial Freedom  : A family of four wants to downsize to a tiny, mobile home that they can own outright.
7:00 PMTiny House Hunters - Starting Fresh by Going Small in San Diego  : A newly single man wants to find a rustic cabin on wheels with solar panels and a composting toilet.
7:30 PMTiny House Hunters - Military Family Goes Tiny  : A family of six has decided to downsize their house, and find a tiny house in Monterey, Calif.
8:00 PMBeachfront Bargain Hunt: Renovation - Newlyweds Renovate Down the Shore  : Newlyweds search for a beach-side bargain that they can renovate near Atlantic City, N.J.
9:00 PMBeachfront Bargain Hunt: Renovation - Poolside Paradise in Cocoa Beach, Florida  : Tired of Denver cold, a family finds a place in Cocoa Beach, Fla.
10:00 PMHouse Hunters - Atlanta Couple Debates Georgian Style or Split-Level: A family from Atlanta wants to find a home with a lot more space.
10:30 PMHouse Hunters International - Young and on a Budget in Paris: A couple leaves Washington, D.C., for Paris, but the city is one of the most expensive in the world.
11:00 PMHouse Hunters - Musicians Look for Home With Rehearsal Space in D.C. Suburbs: New York City natives prepare to move to the suburbs of Washington, D.C., in Takoma Park, Md.
11:30 PMHouse Hunters International - A Mom Retreats to Roatan, Honduras: A daughter helps her mother find her dream home in Roatan, Honduras.