5 May 2015

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11:45 PMA Wife's Secret: A beautiful housewife works as a prostitute.
1:10 AMVirtual Sexuality: A teen creates a computer-generated man who becomes real.
2:45 AMZane's the Jump Off - First Down  : Dmitri and his frat brothers throw a party to celebrate the break-up of Woody's marriage.
3:15 AMThe Insider: A tobacco researcher reports on the industry.
5:55 AMMAX on Set - Red 2  : Behind the scenes of the action-comedy film starring Bruce Willis and John Malkovich.
6:10 AMDouble Take: Framed for money laundering, an investment banker switches places with a petty thief.
7:40 AMHyde Park on Hudson: British royals pay an unprecedented visit to President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939.
9:20 AMR.I.P.D.: Unusual lawmen hunt spirits who try to escape final judgment by hiding among the living.
11:00 AMRed Dragon: A former FBI agent asks Dr. Hannibal Lecter for help in stopping a serial killer.
1:10 PMDouble Jeopardy: Jailed for her husband's murder, a woman learns he lives.
2:55 PMRed 2: Frank Moses and his team must retrieve a device that could alter the balance of world power.
4:55 PMThe Unborn: A woman seeks the help of a spiritualist to banish a demonic spirit.
6:25 PMGetaway: A former race-car driver and his young passenger embark on a high-speed mission to save his wife.
8:00 PMBlended: Two antagonistic single parents and their children are stuck sharing a suite together at a resort.
10:00 PM16 Blocks: A world-weary cop must protect a trial witness from those who want to kill him.
11:45 PMInvisible Centerfolds: An invisibility formula helps a beautiful and sexy centerfold.