28 July 2014

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10:30 PMTroop Beverly Hills: An idle rich woman's husband challenges her to lead their daughter's troop of campers.
1:00 AMThe X-Files - The Erlenmeyer Flask: A government experiment tests unknown substances on humans, with disastrous results.
2:00 AMThe X-Files - Little Green Men: Mulder probes a videotaped alien sighting in Mexico.
3:00 AMThe X-Files - The Host: Mulder discovers a genetically mutated creature that stalks its victims in the sewer system.
4:00 AM1 girl 5 gays: The guys discuss divorce, aging and seeing each other naked.
4:30 AM1 girl 5 gays: The guys discuss promiscuity, proposals, and different sex positions.
5:00 AM1 girl 5 gays: Contemplating the use of condoms if the threat of HIV did not exist; celebrities; crazy exploits.
5:30 AM1 girl 5 gays: The guys discuss eye contact in bed; sluttiest habits; how their grandparents influence them.
6:00 AMRuPaul's Drag U - Moms Vs. Daughters: A family of three competes for top honors.
7:00 AMRuPaul's Drag U - A Star Is Born Again: Three TV stars from the 60's,70's and 80's attempt to revive their superstardom of yesteryear.
8:00 AMCSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Happenstance: The CSI team investigates whether the murders of identical twins are connected.
9:00 AMCSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Living Legend: The team searches for a link between current murders and a mob boss who disappeared in the 1970s.
10:00 AMCSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Loco Motives: A murder leads the CSI team to learn the identity of a serial killer.
11:00 AMCSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Leaving Las Vegas: Catherine is determined to connect an out-of-town killing to a Las Vegas murder suspect.
12:00 PMThe Nanny - A Fine Family Feud: Fran's exciting plans for Maggie's Sweet Sixteen party go awry because of family antagonisms.
12:30 PMThe Nanny - Val's Apartment: Fran decides to share an apartment with Val when she feels stressed out.
1:00 PMThe Nanny - Shopaholic: News of her ex-boyfriend's engagement sends Fran on a limitless shopping spree.
1:30 PMThe Nanny - Oy Vey, You're Gay: Maxwell's new publicist takes a romantic interest in a member of the household.
2:00 PMThe Nanny - The Party's Over: Fran is arrested for operating a singles-party business without a license.
2:30 PMThe Golden Girls - Clinton Avenue Memoirs: Sophia visits Brooklyn, N.Y., where she hopes to confront the ghost of her dead husband.
3:00 PMThe Golden Girls - Like the Beep Beep Beep of the Tom-Tom: Blanche must have a pacemaker implanted and is worried that it will affect her sex life.
3:30 PMThe Golden Girls - An Illegitimate Concern: A young man (Mark Moses) claims to be the illegitimate son of Blanche's late husband.
4:00 PMThe Golden Girls - 72 Hours: Rose is tested for AIDS following the revelation that she may have received a tainted transfusion.
4:30 PMDesigning Women - Nowhere to Run To: Julia becomes obsessed with fitness when Mary Jo gets her to start jogging.
5:00 PMDesigning Women - A Class Act: Anthony becomes a partner; Charlene fends off an amorous professor.
5:30 PMDesigning Women - Keep the Home Fires Burning: While Bill is away, Charlene befriends a man she meets at a support group.
6:00 PMDesigning Women - My Daughter, My Self: Mary Jo objects to her daughter's older beau, then dates him.
6:30 PMDesigning Women - And Now, Here's Bernice: A handsome client breaks Mary Jo's heart; Bernice gets her own late night television show.
7:00 PMOperation: Vacation - Jacqueline Brooks  : Jackie's family and friends think it is time she got a vacation she missed out on so many years ago.
7:30 PMThe Golden Girls - Twice in a Lifetime: Rose's childhood love reappears and vies with Miles for her attention.
8:00 PMThe Golden Girls - Sisters and Other Strangers: Blanche's love life is the basis for her sister's (Barbara Babcock) latest novel.
8:30 PMThe Golden Girls - Cheaters: Dorothy sees an old flame (Jerry Orbach); Blanche and Sophia fall prey to con artists.
9:00 PMThe Golden Girls - The Mangiacavallo Curse Makes a Lousy Wedding Present: Blanche supplies a date for wedding-bound Dorothy; Sophia puts a curse on the newlyweds.
9:30 PMThe Golden Girls - All Bets Are Off: Dorothy's gambling addiction worries Sophia; Blanche dates a co-worker.
10:00 PMThe Grudge 2: A young woman encounters a terrible curse while searching for her missing sister in Tokyo.